11/17/2011 11:39 am ET Updated Jan 17, 2012

What's Missing in Washington?

I'm an avid reader of comments, so I know that it's not uncommon to find really intriguing and thought-provoking discussion on HuffPost. Here's a nice discussion starter from HuffPost user Diablo Canyon from Alec Baldwin's latest post that I wanted to highlight:

'The greediest generation­.' I like that label. But they've been cyclical and have been present in this country since the Civil War to Robber Barons, Roaring Twenties and again now. (I may have missed a few.)

What has turned the tide each time? A courageous president and Congress. It might be hopeless now when these guys can buy politician­s with unlimited PAC money. What we need is a miracle or two. Remember the St. Louis Cardinals in the last World Series or the story of Wegmans? Anything is possible if you only try.

It's an interesting solution: "A courageous president and Congress."

What's your take?

What makes a courageous president and Congress? What examples do we have in history, what examples do we have in present day?

Finally, in what areas would a courageous president and Congress need to take risks today to 'turn the tide'?