08/02/2012 02:22 pm ET Updated Sep 29, 2012

Streak Ended But Not Forgotten

It's only been achieved twice and the most recent took place back in 2006. Captain and All-Star short stop Derek Jeter added another notch to the history books when he recorded a 25 game hitting streak almost six years ago.

"It's good for him, he's swinging the bat well," said Jeter. Robi's always been able to hit, he's been doing that since he first came up. He's one of the best hitters in the league. It's hard to do. He's been hitting straight for a month."

New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano didn't think anything about his previous streak nor how close he was to passing his teammate. All he wants to do, like most players is just win games. It's easy to go unnoticed while being on a roster of talented players.

Yet Cano continues to shine and sees no plans in slowing down in the near future. He had the longest hitting streak behind Derek since 2006. Unfortunately after being sweep by the Oakland A's Robinson's streak ended at 23 just two behind Jeter's 25.

"It's good (the hitting streak) because you know your successful but the only thing that matters is winning," Cano said. "There's no pressure for me on any level. My job is to go out there and get on base to help my team."

Now that the streak is over, the second baseman focuses on the return to post season in hopes of winning another Pennant. The first half of season is completed and now the focus is ending the season with the best record.

Robinson was named captain of the Home Run Derby this year and voted into his fourth All-Star game. Though he began the season with only one home run in April, he redeemed himself in the month of May with seven home runs.

"Every year I want to be better, " he explained. "So I work hard every year especially in the off-season. I take one month off and get back to work. I like to get to the ball park early and get that extra time in."

Born in the Dominican Republic, Cano spent only four years in the minor leagues before coming up to New York in 2005. In seven years he's made a name for himself and is currently ranked number one in his position.

Growing up he didn't have to look far for a mentor. His dad, a former baseball player in the Majors instilled the value of passion for the game. From there he developed into one of the best players who donned a Yankee hat.

"My dad was my inspiration, he's my biggest fan. He doesn't have to tell me anything. He knows my head's in the game and knows how much I love playing baseball, so his advice goes a long way."

The key to success in baseball is to be mentally focused. Part of Robinson's skill is his increased knowledge of baseball over the years. The ability to memorize pitching greats, who can hit and who steals bases in the league has paid off in the long run.

"If you don't do your job to the best of your ability than your sent away to play somewhere else. Playing with guys like Jeter, Alex, Posada and those guys you learn a lot and I'm very happy right where I am."