07/06/2013 01:50 pm ET Updated Sep 05, 2013

The Mrs. Carter Show

The accolades, achievements and empire built by this woman is nothing compared to the love and appreciation she gives back to her fans. Beyonce Knowles Carter doesn't have to do much to put on a show and Wednesday night she let her music speak loudly.

The Mrs. Carter show stopped through the Bay Area and the sellout crowd was not disappointed. The fans joined in sung every song Beyonce belted out. Despite her countless hits, she didn't disappoint when selecting her favorites for the show.

Mrs. Carter kicked off the show in royal fashion, on the jumbotron Beyonce donned an all white Queen costume sitting on her throne while her dancers bowed to her greatness. Her all woman band, dressed in black took the stage first and began playing while Beyonce sauntered on the stage to sing a few songs from her 4 album ("Run the World" and "End of Time").

To accompany her phenomenal dance moves, she had ten backup dancers. Eight women and two male twins with funky afros and abs of steel. The only two males in her show performed pop-locking and break-dancing moves that brought life to the stage.

Anyone who attended a Beyonce concert in the past would be surprised on how tamed this show was. With her ten wardrobe changes, a video montage was shown of Beyonce throughout the show. She also showed commercials of her endorsements with Pepsi and H&M.

While the idea was clever, it put the crowd back in their seats as if they were home watching the Super Bowl. Probably not the best idea for the amount of time she was off the stage. However, her fashion and singing made us all forget the time in between each set.

One of her memorable performances was when she wore a navy blue sequined catsuit and laid across the black grand piano before being lifted across the floor to the second stage opposite of the arena to perfume "Love on Top."

The finale was something that will have everyone talking about. A tribute to the late Whitney Houston was more than classy, it was an honor. Beyonce sung "I Will Always Love You" before ending the show with her own hit "Halo." She thank the audience and provided a humbling video of her accomplishments in life which included singing for President Obama and holding her child.