10/29/2014 05:18 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

5 Decorating Tips to Add Color Into Your Home

5 Decorating Tips to Add Color into Your Home - Add a colorful mirror

Add a colorful mirror.

I am going to share some tried and true decorating advice with you-invest in high ticket classic furnishings and have fun with colorful home accessories. The classics are never going to be out of style and the replacing of lower ticket decor allows you to introduce the latest color trend into your home at a minimal invest. This also should help eliminate some of that guilty feeling when you want to update to the next big thing.

Here are 5 decorating tips to add the latest colors into your home.

Tip #1: Use Colorful Mirrors
Most of us think of mirrors and instantly we think of the traditional metallic or wooden frames. But today they are available in colors too. Here's a designer tip: placing a mirror across from a window will allow natural light to bounce around the room.

Tips #2: Incorporate Colorful Accent Tables
We all need a surface to place our food and drink. So make it fun, colorful and cheerful. Choose an accent table with open fretwork for more design interest, or go simple sleek lines for a modern look.

Update to colorful table lamps and shades.

Tip #3: Brighten it up with Lamp Bases and Lamp Shades

Colorful table lamps and shades are one of my favorite ways to introduce color in to any space. I even do a seasonal lamp shade rotation. I update my living room shades and then move those to the bedroom. Then move the bedroom lamp shades to the guest room and donate the guest room shades to a charity. I call it the five minute makeover.

Wall art and rugs are quick and easy ways to add a pop of color.

Tip #4: Don't Underestimate Wall Art
Pops of color are easily added with stunning wall art. From colorful contemporary abstracts to traditional watercolor landscape wall art has a full spectrum of color opportunity.

Tip #5: Add Color and Pattern with Area Rugs
Underfoot is a great place to add some unpredictable color. Area rugs are available in so many patterns and colors that it is an easy way to a add color into your home.

These 5 decorating tips should help get you started adding color into your home. Which one will you try? Have some decorating advice of your own? Leave a comment and let me know.

Until next time check out our video on colorful customized lamps and mirrors.

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