02/10/2015 06:13 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day? Roses, Hearts, and Breaking Apart


Valentine's Day is the dreaded Hallmark holiday for those who are reminded they are single, the day that accentuates thoughts of being alone forever. This day can be quite depressing. Single or not though, this holiday can be challenging.

For those who are paired up, this day that is supposed to be all about overflowing expressions of love, flowers, and chocolates can actually be the demise of relationships. Instead of shacking up and making out, many couples opt for breaking up and moving out. Surprisingly, Valentine's Day is punctuated by broken hearts and high breakup rates.

But why?

Here are the top three reasons he/she loves me NOT on this special day:

1. The Pressure

The pressure is on. If you're a couple, you're supposed to make a big deal of February 14th. Commercials everywhere are constantly reminding us to cherish our loved ones.

If you don't buy roses and heart shaped chocolates for that special someone, you're not only crushing someone's feelings, you're going to contribute to the collapse of this commercialized industry. Sometimes the pressure of this holiday is just so overwhelming that many couples decide to forego their relationship to avoid celebrating at all costs, literally and emotionally.

2. Disappointment

Did you know that Valentine's Day can be the most disappointing holiday of the year? From dinners to flowers, to gifts, Valentine's Day comes with lots of expectations. Studies show that countless women feel frustrated and let down due to unmet, unrealistic idealizations of this day of love. Many women have preconceived notions of this romanticized holiday,and often this day is anti-climatic which leads to the blues and breakups, instead of red hot romance.

3. Spring Cleaning

Valentine's Day often pushes couples to ponder the state of their relationships. It can make you question your relationship and come to the realization that this is NOT the person you want to spend this special day with. The only thing worse than being alone on Valentine's Day is being in a relationship you're unhappy in.

Additionally, some people buckle under the pressure of committing. If you decide to celebrate Valentine's Day, your solidifying your relationship. If you don't, you're shattering your relationship.

The bottom line is... don't make Valentine's Day any bigger than it needs to be. Spend time doing something you both love without going above and beyond and stressing out. Invest in gifts that are priceless, from the heart, not the wallet. Instead, relax, have fun and simply enjoy each other.