09/24/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Help Cover The Convention With Maximum Exposure

We need you right now -- today, tomorrow, this week -- to help us cover the Democratic National Convention.

Our OffTheBus reporting project has joined with the USC Center on Communication Leadership to launch the history-making Maximum Exposure -- an unprecedented citizen photo-journalist effort to cover the these last concluding weeks of the presidential campaign.

In short, we want your photos! Not only of the Denver convention if you're there this week, but also of any related activity across the country -- a local rally, a convention-watching living room party, a gathering in a local bar to watch Obama or Biden or the Clintons deliver their much-awaited speeches
Show the world the power of mobilized citizens, not only to reshape politics but also to redefine journalism and press coverage of the campaign. Whip out your digital camera, even your cell phone camera, and snap us some great pictures that reveal any and every aspect of this week's convention. Show us the delegates, the activists, the lobbyists, the fat cats and the regular folk who have been galvanized by this week-long spectacle in the Rockies
Send along captions with your pics and we'll build them quickly into slideshows, publishing them for tens of thousands to see, and giving you full credit and providing, yes, Maximum Exposure of this event far beyond the choreographed shots of the network cams.

Get snappin' now and quickly email us your 400x300 pixel-sized pictures and captions to:

Click here for our complete guidelines and for entry to our Maximum Exposure galleries.

Stop passively watching and get clickin'