10/11/2014 04:29 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Podcast Review: Affirmation Nation With Bob Ducca

Bob Ducca is back! No word on where he's been since calling into his own show, Affirmation Nation, more than two and a half years ago from a truck stop in "parts unknown." But he's back and podcasting is better for it.

2014-10-11-bob_ducca.jpgThe creation of comedian Seth Morris, Ducca is the sad sack's sad sack and there's more of him now. His previous episodes were rarely longer than five minutes long. "New Beginnings" marks the start of a new format, with a guest (the brilliant June Diane Rafael as hapless astrologer Carol Carawanna), and a tick over 45 minutes of show that kicks off with some mystic invocations, a recounting of his trip to the most recent Burning Man (wherein he thanks several folks, including Jedediah Rusthole, Miranda Stinkwood, Nutella the Hun, and film critic Leonard Maltin), along with a poem about cutting his nails too close to the cuticle.

For those new to this podcast, it would be entertaining to dip back into the show's archives and catch the shorter installments. They are the audio version of Post-It note affirmations, with that Bob Ducca twist.

Ducca's delivery is spot-on perfect for someone who offers often non-helpful self-help advice, with a bit of a Droopy Dog essence hiding in his otherwise resonant tones.

Bob, it doesn't matter where you've been, it's just great to have you back.


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