09/11/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

MSNBC Coverage of Obama & McCain Spouses

Watching MSNBC last Thursday morning,
I caught a segment entitled Michelle Obama --
The Charm Offensive
. Two talking heads
were on to deconstruct the latest appearances
and photo covers of Michelle Obama.

Viewers also got a breakdown of polls in "three states" where Cindy McCain was leading Michelle Obama as the preferred choice for First Lady.

Who creates these segments?

The public, who may be interested in knowing more about what Michelle Obama is up to, could have gained greater insight by learning that she has been visiting with military families to understand how "spouses are struggling." If MSNBC had dared to go with something wonkier, they could have mentioned her ongoing travels to speak at length about the Obama "Blueprint for Working Women and Families."

As far as media coverage of Cindy McCain...all I have seen about her lately is that she had the fortitude to stand on the same stage with her husband, while he offered her up to compete in the "Miss Buffalo Chip" biker beauty pageant. I googled it. Was he suggesting the biker attire or the lingerie preliminary?