06/17/2013 11:11 am ET Updated Aug 17, 2013

Politics of the Holier Than Thou in Honduras

I accidentally came across a graphic (in Spanish) being passed around on Honduras-related Facebook sites. At the top, there's a heading that asks the question, "What Type of Voter are You?" Below it, there are five narrow columns, each the same width. At the top of each column is an image of the flag of five of the eight political parties that will be participating in this year's general elections.

The first column is for the Liberal Party, the second for the National Party, the third for the Anti-Corruption Party (PAC), the fourth for the UD-FAPER Party, and the fifth for the Libre Party. Beneath each flag is text describing what kind of voter you are if you intend to vote for that party. I don't know who came up with the idea for the graphic and designed it, but once you read through all five columns, you should get a sense of the person's political lean.

The text speaks for itself (... and for the writer), and so no commentary on my part is needed. You're free to draw your own observations and conclusions.

Under the Liberal flag, it reads: "Hates the poor. He believes that they are poor because they are dumb and ignorant. He thinks that Mel [Zelaya] destroyed the party but at the same time did nothing to it, and that is 'extremely united.' He votes for Villeda because he has always voted liberal, and he does not have the slightest idea of the tremendous damage that this party has done to the nation. He doesn't have a memory, he remembers nothing. He believes everything the Media, which has sold out, tells him. He is ignorant. A small little group believes that [Roberto] Micheletti is popular."

Under the Nationalist flag, it reads: "He is simply bad. He has a secure job somewhere. He thinks to himself, 'I'm going to give my vote to my little boss because he takes care of me.' He's not at all interested in the country. He is an egoist, he is trash, and he simply destroys his morality saying that 'there are crooks everywhere, so it doesn't matter.' This person is dreadful and of the worst kind for the country. He lacks a conscience. He doesn't have morals, nor convictions. He only wants for himself and for himself and for himself. This person does not have a sense of what it is to have a motherland."

Under the PAC flag, it reads: "He knows that things are bad. He knows that the coup ruined many things. He know that the Liberal Party and the National Party are the worst that has happened to Honduras. In his heart, he has broken with the two-party system, BUT: He is politically ignorant and is easily manipulated. He believes everything he reads and sees in the sold-out media. He still thinks that Mel robbed Honduras with a little wheelbarrow, and that 'communism' is bad for Honduras. This person deserves a little more respect, but he is still dumb."

Under the UD-FAPER flag, it reads: "They are simply ignorant and stupid; they believe that the people are dumb and are going to vote for them. They believe they are going to get a little job in the government once everything is over. These persons are corrupt, garbage, immoral, and it doesn't make sense to even talk to them. They are rather small. They're nobody. It's not worth the time to even listen to them... the same as the other satellite parties of the two-party system."

Under the Libre flag, it reads: "He had the experience of living during the Government of Citizen Power and remembering it. He saw how the country was different. He became excited when he was given the opportunity to vote for the Fourth Ballot Box. He witnessed how cowards led a coup d'état, and for the first time in his life felt the pain of the motherland. He was the one who, in his indignation, went out into the streets to fight. He witnessed the murder of his friends, and he saw how the media made fun of it all. And he was hit and injured. They gassed him. He who votes for Libre knows well that he has a motherland, and he fights for her."

Enough said.