11/15/2007 10:17 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Hillary vs. Rivals Is Vegas Bout Worth Viewing

To all who have shunned previous televised presidential debates, listen up. Tonight, pop a cold one, Tivo Grey's Anatomy or CSI, and catch the supper show live from Vegas: no cover, no minimum and no dancing girls, unless a certain candidate pirouettes around questions she'd rather not answer.

Las Vegas, home to as many boxing matches as showgirls, may prove the perfect venue for the next-to-last in a series of bouts that have gotten bloodier. There's a crack in Senator Hillary Clinton's vaunted electability since the last debate that may widen.

The more a frontrunner's status is premised on electability, the more a candidate forgoes appealing to old-fashioned voters who still care about where you stand and who you are, in favor of nailing down those who just want to get over the messy primaries. Forget about falling in love and just fall in line, the better to unite against the real enemy on the other side.

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