02/20/2008 04:14 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Transgender Conference is Killing our Culture?

I am sickened by the casual way in which the right
wing media spew forth hatred of homosexuals. Here is
the latest call to action from GLAAD referring to a
disturbing exchange on The O'Reilly Factor:

Laura Ingraham claims that Transgender Conference
is "Killing Our Culture" on FOX News' The O'Reilly

While guest hosting Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor
on Feb. 8, commentator Laura Ingraham debated Medea
, a spokeswoman for Code Pink who is opposed
to military recruitment stations in Berkeley, Calif.
Ingraham and Benjamin had the following exchange:

INGRAHAM: Are you -- do you think that people have a
right then to stop the, let's say, transgender
conference that's happening next month at Berkeley?
What if the push was to stop the transgender
conference? Would you support that?

BENJAMIN: I don't think that has anything to do
with it, Laura..

INGRAHAM: Has nothing to do with the culture or a
divisive issue?

BENJAMIN: It's war that the American people are

INGRAHAM: Well, wait. You think -- oh, no, let me
get this straight. You think the majority of Americans
would support a transgender conference in their
communities? Are you kidding me?

BENJAMIN: A transgender conference. . . ..

INGRAHAM: Oh, come on.

BENJAMIN: . . . .is not killing people. It's
people discussing. We're talking about a war.

INGRAHAM: And killing the culture, maybe.. That's

Ingraham's claim that a transgender conference is
"killing the culture" reflects the kind of over the
top, uninformed statements that are unfortunately
still commonplace in various News Corporation media
outlets. Such ill-informed rhetoric does nothing to
advance any discussion of issues, whether transgender
specific or not.

TAKE ACTION: GLAAD encourages you to contact Laura Ingraham and
The O'Reilly Factor and ask them to stop making
ignorant, mean-spirited attacks on transgender people.

What does the transgender conference have to do with
the war? Obviously the host had no idea what to say
next, so instead of thinking of a good comeback, she
just decided to throw some homophobia into the mix.
When the right wing dummies are backed into a corner,
all they can think to do is throw anti-gay grenades or
bring up Jesus, which is why everyone should hate
them. And how does the transgender community endanger
culture? How do they kill the culture? What are they
doing to kill the culture? How is culture killed? What
the fuck does any of that mean?