09/20/2012 11:47 am ET Updated Nov 20, 2012

Tell Harry Reid: Let's Pass the Safe Chemicals Act Now!

Do you feel sick when you learn 46 kids get cancer every day and seven kids die from it every day? That autism and asthma is increasing in children? That the age of puberty is dropping while rates of infertility are on the rise? And all of these diseases and disorders may be linked to toxic chemicals found in everyday products in your home?

Now is the time for action if you agree there should be a stronger law to protect your kids from toxic chemicals found in your couches, carpets, household cleaners, canned foods and more.

For years we've been talking about passing the Safe Chemicals Act to protect our kids from toxic chemicals. We've written letters and emails to Congress, held stroller brigades, blogged about it or found other ways to spread the word to our friends, neighbors and families.

Polls show overwhelming public support for legislation to make chemicals safer, but Congress still hasn't passed the Safe Chemicals Act.

There have been important victories along the way. In July, the Safe Chemicals Act passed out of committee. But the bill has no chance of passing the Senate unless Harry Reid schedules a vote before Congress leaves town to campaign for the elections in November (which could be as early as this week).

It goes without saying that if we can't get a vote on the legislation before the Senate session ends, the bill cannot pass. And while it's true that even if the Senate passes the Safe Chemicals Act it would not reach the President's desk this year, it is incredibly important to pass the Senate to give it momentum for the new legislative session that begins in January 2013. (On a related note: have you shown your kids the Schoolhouse Rock video "I'm Just a Bill"? It's a fun introduction to understanding how a bill becomes a law in Congress)

Senator Harry Reid is the man of the moment for the Safe Chemicals Act. Please send a message to Senator Reid asking him to bring the Safe Chemicals Act to the Senate floor this week!

Here's how to reach him:

1. Are you on Twitter? Senator Reid is too!
Dear @SenatorReid, I urge you to support @SaferChemicals & bring the #SafeChemicalsAct (S. 847) to the floor this fall!
2. Pick up the phone
You can call the Senator's DC office at 202-224-3542.
If you live in Reid's district and are calling from a 775 or 702 area code, call 1-866-SEN-REID (736-7343).
3. Encourage your friends on Facebook and Twitter to contact Senator Reid!
Thank you for taking action to support the Safe Chemicals Act. Working together we will pass a strong new law for safer chemicals!