10/04/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rocky Mountain High Lowdown

My first foray into the political arena started after I met Senator Obama at a friend's house in April of 2007. Prior to that, my only political involvement was the occasional discussion about an election or a ballot measure. Until then, I was a life-long Republican. But after meeting Barack Obama and realizing that the GOP just ain't what she used to be, I went right down to the post office and switched parties. I had never been as impressed with a politician as I had with Obama. I had met a few others before, including John Kerry. There was something about Barack that made me want to get involved. So I signed up to be a precinct captain. I made numerous calls and also went door-to-door in my neighborhood. I ran to be a delegate for my district, placing fifth out of forty-seven women. My husband is on the national finance committee, so he and I together with many others have co-hosted a handful of parties for Obama here in Los Angeles. Obviously, I was in it to win it!

The past year flew by and before I knew it the convention was upon us. Being married to an NFC guy and having FOBO* and FOBOFOBO* connections, I found myself in Denver with some pretty great credentials, and some cool tidbits of information. Did you know, for example, that Barack invited some of his Occidental College buddies who were in town up to his suite a few hours before his speech? Now that's my kinda guy! He's chillin' with his friends on the biggest day of his life (so far). I also heard that he spent time right after his speech with his close Chicago friends. This is a man to whom friends and family are everything. I like that.

I must say, the Dems know how to party. The problem was, deciding which party to attend and then getting an invitation. One night, after going to the DNC after-party, I went to a party at a local restaurant/club hosted by Ben Affleck, Carmelo Anthony & Nicole Avant. No, I did not see Ben or Carmelo, but I did meet a guy named Eric from Montana. The reason I mention this is because I went to the bar to order bourbon. I noticed a guy to my left checking me and my ring finger out. He said, "Gee if you weren't married I'd ask you out. You're a woman after my own heart. I don't know many women who drink bourbon". I explained that vodka was my usual drink, but that at the previous party, there were no martini glasses. One simply cannot drink a martini from a plastic cup, so I ordered bourbon on the rocks. I did not want to switch drinks. Hence, the bourbon. I thought about the whole exchange later and decided he must have been a Republican plant. I used to be one and I know only Republicans drink bourbon!
Photo credits: Charlie Rivkin
Here I am standing with the California Delegation at Pepsi Center on Wednesday night; a few of whom I know and one of whom beat me out for the lone female spot in congressional district 30. As you can see, flip-flops were de rigueur. These versatile, comfortable sandals were necessary for navigating the miles and miles of walking in the Mile High City. Unless you were Barack Obama, your transportation did not come close to the Pepsi Center. Note the variation of skin colors. After watching the Republican Convention for two days, I can say their legs (and faces) pale by comparison...literally. I had an amazing time at Mile High Stadium. I know it's Invesco Field, but it just doesn't have the same Democratic ring to it as Mile High. The crowd was buzzing, positively electric. Looking around me after Barack's speech, I noticed people in tears; men and women both. I thought how lucky I was to be there at that historic moment. I imagined it was something like Woodstock, only with Sheryl Crow, Will i am, and Stevie Wonder, but definitely a memory for the ages. Finally, here is my entourage waiting for me outside of Pepsi Center. Don't they look nice in their uniforms?
*FOBO - Friend of Barack Obama
*FOBOFOBO - Friend of Brother of Friend of Barack Obama