04/18/2014 04:05 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Being More Than What We Are Currently Doing Here on Earth

What is it that we are doing here on earth? Are we just here doing the 9-to-5 thing so that we can then pay off the dream that we have placed ourselves in?

Let's take a look at most of our lives, will we? Most of us go to work, to pay off what we have come to obtain, a place to call our own, a place to keep us away from everyone else. A protection from other people in this world. This is what we do to separate ourselves from others. This is what we do to hide our ways within our own family. We all walk outside and smile and pretend everything is A-OK. Well, great if it is, but what if it's not?

Most families have something that they are going through, or they may have already been through it. Your neighbors may not know the pain you have been through, they may not know the loneliness in your heart, the tears that you have shed. But God does, God knows how you have felt, day in and day out. These are incredibly difficult times. We pretend to have it all together, but really our hearts are breaking.

Have you lost a child, your lover, or are you just living a life that doesn't excite you at all? We are all searching for something, something that will give us the promise of a better life. But the only way you are going to find it is by living within you.

So what does this look like?

This means getting up in the morning and creating a space within you, which means not filling it with breakfast, coffee and worry of what the day will bring on. But sitting or standing and taking a moment to breathe. Breathe in the moment. Be present and allow the energy of Love to fill this moment. Allow your breath to bring the Light that is above your temple to draw down and through your body, right down to your toes and release it out and then continue to let it draw through.

What this does is open your body to receive the Love that surrounds you in this moment and fill you up for the day. You can do this at anytime, but what happens when you allow this to happen when you awake is that you choose to set your day with the intention of Love. You feel that emotion run through your body before you allow any thoughts to enter you. You then become stronger than your thoughts.

Your emotions are the fuel to create what it is you want in your life. By sending and receiving the emotion of Love you shift everything around you. It truly is a tool of creation that must be embodied and once it has you will see the transformation of your life.

Yes, this may sound too simple. But Love is simple. Love is what you are. You are the very embodiment of love and when you accept and release that you then change the very world that you live in.

Here is where you then get to change the very nature of where you are. The people that pass you, the ones that you greet all feel your beautiful tenderness that joins this world. You can shift the world by shifting the way that YOU feel. It really is that powerful.

You really do make that difference. It's easy once you try. But sometimes the easiest things are the ones that we find the hardest to apply. If we had to pay a million dollars for this secret we would take it seriously but because we can easily achieve this, we don't find the value that can change it all.

I urge you to give it a try. Start with it now. Put it into your morning ritual and see the beautiful change that you can be a part of.

It is Done.
In One, In All, In Love.
Maria Portas.

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