03/20/2014 07:55 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

100 Little Blessings

For Martha...
  1. Honeybees
  2. The fragrance of flowers
  3. Kisses from children
  4. That special laughter that is genuine and loving
  5. Rain, but not too much
  6. Sunshine
  7. Emails with with happy stories and gratitude
  8. Real mail, handwritten
  9. The first bulbs of spring popping up
  10. Snuggling
  11. The perfect song at the perfect moment
  12. A good cupcake
  13. A good cup of coffee or tea
  14. Smells that remind you of your childhood
  15. Old photos
  16. Meeting someone new
  17. Finding an old friend
  18. Discovering a new recipe that looks yum
  19. Making that recipe and finding out it's good
  20. Cute and loving moments with pets
  21. Seeing a rare bird
  22. The first swim of summer
  23. A comfortable pair of shoes
  24. Clean sheets on your bed...
  25. ...especially when they've been hung outside to dry
  26. A phone call from someone just when you've been thinking of them
  27. Butterflies
  28. Farmers markets
  29. Organic farmers
  30. A good movie
  31. Popcorn with real butter
  32. Books that make you laugh out loud
  33. Waking up on time without an alarm
  34. Taking time to meditate
  35. A great yoga class
  36. Going for a run in perfect weather (or in bad weather)
  37. Discovering a new place close to home
  38. Finding a favorite restaurant
  39. Going down a road you've never been on before
  40. Learning something new about your childhood
  41. Finding a favorite old thing
  42. A clean house
  43. A tidy garden
  44. A family meal when everyone lingers at the table
  45. A bowl of homemade soup
  46. Time to dream
  47. A comfortable chair or couch...
  48. ...with soft, fuzzy blankets!
  49. Reading old journals
  50. Starting a new journal
  51. Making lists
  52. Crossing things off your lists
  53. Stories of people living to 100 and just having fun
  54. Feeling good in your body
  55. Feeling loved
  56. True intimacy
  57. Special secrets
  58. Overhearing someone else's funny conversation
  59. Finding a great parking space
  60. Hearing a great song on the radio when you're driving with the window down
  61. Singing along to a great song
  62. Hearing a really great story on the radio just when you need it
  63. Silly pet pictures
  64. Fun quizzes
  65. Missing someone, and then seeing them again
  66. Suddenly understanding something you never understood before
  67. Being able to google anything you'd ever want to know
  68. Remembering what the world was like before the Internet
  69. When your kids are happy...
  70. ...and are doing well in school without your having to pressure them
  71. The joy of learning
  72. The joy of peace and quiet
  73. A hot bath on a cold day, windows open, steam rising
  74. A good massage
  75. Meeting big, old trees and hanging out with them
  76. The smell of fresh soil in the spring
  77. The smell of fresh-cut grass in the summer
  78. Successfully pulling an especially large weed
  79. Finding wild berries
  80. Eating those berries on the spot
  81. Finishing something
  82. Dreaming of something new to do
  83. Finding a perfect new store
  84. Buying something that you love just because
  85. Coincidences
  86. Knowing there are no coincidences
  87. A good game of soccer with kids, laughing so hard your stomach hurts
  88. Falling down and not getting hurt
  89. Roller-skating to loud music
  90. Grass stains
  91. A picnic (with cold fried chicken!)
  92. Knowing you've made someone happy
  93. Knowing you've made something better
  94. Knowing you are happy
  95. Organic coconut oil and its many, many uses
  96. A virgin piña colada in a warm location
  97. Lying on hot sand and absorbing the heat
  98. Not worrying about anything
  99. Surrendering to the universe
  100. Loving your life

What's on your list?

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