04/29/2011 09:24 am ET Updated Jun 29, 2011

Mojito Float--The Final Float!

To finish off my month-by-month year of floats, it's time to celebrate the return of warm weather (sort of--at least it's not freaking freezing all the time) with a Mojito Float! Virgin, of course, for sober folks like me.

Before I reveal my recipe, I must take a moment to reflect on the last 12 months of floats. It's been fun to force myself to think things up. I am not drinking these floats all the time, or serving them at my nonexistent dinner parties. But it's good to know they are there when I need them. And I always enjoy putting a twist on things that we all take for granted and are, frankly, sometimes your basic Coke or root beer float, served lukewarmish and sickeningly sweet. No, those aren't my floats (although I've been known to have them occasionally).

So on to the Mojito Float. This is one I can imagine Kenny Chesney drinking, maybe with a key lime garnish, to cool down and refresh himself after a concert. He can add rum if he wants to, but if he drinks as much as he sings about drinking, then perhaps he should take a break and just drink one plain.

I think my next monthly recipe series will be seasonal salads...unless you all
would prefer something else? Please let me know!

Virgin Mojito Float

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