05/06/2013 08:26 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Only Real Way to End GMOs

The other day I was feeling overwhelmed, depressed, and defeated about the whole GMO thing. There is SO MUCH evidence that GMOs, and the chemicals that are used in concert with them (like Roundup) are destroying our health and planet. And yet the infiltration and power and pockets of the chemical companies seem to know no bounds. The tricks being used to pervert the Farm Bill and sneak the new "technology" into people's lives unaware are far beyond what would be considered ethical. But who has the time, attention span, and money to fight back? Some of us have day jobs. And all the petitions we sign seem to go into a black hole in a big White House. (Obama, have you checked the attic lately?) Hundreds of thousands of people have signed petitions and answered surveys that they want GMOs at least labeled and out of our food system. Why aren't you listening, Mr. President?!

But then it occurred to me. We have the solution! We have the power! YOU have the answer in your HANDS RIGHT NOW! Forget Washington (well, let's not forget it, but isn't Washington always the LAST to change?) Ultimately, there is only one way to ensure that there are no GMOs in your food, and that is to buy, grow, and eat only organic food.

Buy eat and grow ONLY certified-organic food. It's that simple. Certified-organic foods are the ONLY products you can buy that ensure you are not buying, eating, or supporting the GMO mafia. Eating certified-organic food is the only way you can ensure that you are not poisoning your children, poisoning yourself, and poisoning our environment. Isn't that worth a few extra bucks in the supermarket? SERIOUSLY??!!! Yes, it's worth it. Consider it your own lobbying budget. You are voting with your dollars, and the capitalist free market must respond to that. That's why Wonder Bread and Twinkies bit the dust--not because of any government regulation, but because people wised up and stopped buying them.

I know you have questions. Why is organic so much more expensive? (Because the government penalizes organic farmers and artificially subsidizes chemical farmers.) How can you be sure it's really organic? (Because organic food is the only food that is independently inspected every year to keep its certification--unlike that chemical fertilizer plant that exploded in Texas, which hadn't been inspected since 1985. 1985!!!!!!!!!). Isn't local food better than organic? (Only if it's organic local food, because why would you want to support food that has contaminated your local community? And everything is local to someone somewhere!)

What's the opposite of a boycott? A quick google search landed me on the term "carrotmob" (a campaign that supports a business in order to create positive change)--that's perfect! Let's carrotmob organic food! This is an act of individualized political activism that will do more to change the world (and your personal health) for the better than any march, any vote, any gala dinner event, any charity run, or any other thing will do to solve this issue once and for all.

Remember, only YOU can stop GMOs dead in their tracks. What are you waiting for?

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