06/22/2012 08:30 am ET Updated Aug 22, 2012

9 Naughty Sex Tips From 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'

Fifty Shades of Grey, the erotica novel that just can't seem to stay on a store shelf for long, has raised more than eyebrows this year. The books have been bought and devoured all over the country, leaving millions of readers hot, bothered, and... twiddling their thumbs? Fifty Shades has enlightened millions to the idea of BDSM, but lacks an instruction manual for those of us who want to do something about it. All the fun shouldn't be left to characters in a book. Fifty Shades of Pleasure [Skyhorse Publishing, $12.95] is the new companion guide that lets readers experiment with their own spicy tricks.

This helpful how-to is a perfect beginner's guide into the realm of kinky, naughty sex. Whether you want to get up close and personal with riding crops and studded spanking paddles, or just want some inspiration to keep your rendezvous from going stale, Fifty Shades of Pleasure is just the guide. Its witty, lighthearted tone makes it a great read, while simultaneously easing the bondage-curious into expanding his or her sexual repertoire.

Check out these nine hot tips taken from Fifty Shades of Pleasure, and make your own sex life a best-seller!