06/12/2009 05:47 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

A Sunny Day in DC(!) "Outliers"

Joshua Tucker suggests things to keep an eye on -- and points to pre-election polls -- in Iran.

Gallup finds women more likely to be Democrats, regardless of age.

Hotline On Call has some cautions on the Rasmussen Virginia poll.

Chris Cillizza asks whether the GOP faces better odds in NJ or VA.

Ed Kilgore calculates the regional distribution of the VA vote.

Nate Silver offers messaging advice to gay marriage advocates.

Andrew Gelman assesses state level estimates in support for gay marriage.

Ruy Teixeira breaks down the latest Gallup poll for TNRtv.

Alex Bratty explains a Rasmussen survey showing GOP gains on issues.

Gary Andres predicts government spending will be Obama's downfall.

Jay Cost looks at the politics of health care (more in Part II)

Jeff Merkley calls out Frank Luntz on health care from the Senate floor.

National Journal's Democratic insiders rate bipartisanship on health care less important than Republican insiders do.

Mark Mellman urges Middle East peacemakers to focus on moving and melding public opinion.

David Hill bemoans the decline of early benchmark polling by campaigns.

Steve Benen rounds up the questions "only Fox News would ask."

Brenden Nyhan shares research on correcting misperceptions that Obama is a Muslim.

Gordon Brown passes on Penn, hires Benenson.

Swing State Project teams with to create a 2010 Race Tracker wiki.

The Pew Internet Project reports on the social life of health information.

Kristen Soltis chats with political tech experts about social media and new technology.

Joel Rubinson reviews the ARF Online Research Council's findings on online data quality (via Korostoff).

Sysomos Inc. crunches Twitter data, finds 5% of users account for 75% of activity (via Rainie).

Zogby polls attitudes about the internet using an internet panel survey without a trace of irony (nor a disclaimer on potential response bias).