07/20/2009 05:46 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Moon Walk & Space Travel Roundup

To mark the 40th anniversary of the the Apollo 11 moon mission, here are some links to recent reviews of public opinion on the space program, past and present:

  • CBS News looks forward on opinion on a mission to Mars and backward on whether landing on the moon was worth it.
  • Separately, Jon Cohen and Gary Langer review new results from the ABC News/Washington Post poll on whether the lunar landing was worth it.
  • Last week, Langer took a look back at historic public opinion data on the space program.

And what follows has absolutely nothing to do with polling or public opinion, but for those geeks among us of a certain age -- I was five years old at the time and positively enraptured by all things NASA -- these are worth a click:

  • On "We Choose the Moon," the John F. Kennedy library is running an amazing multimedia web page that, as the Washington Post's Rob Pegoraro puts it, " recreates Apollo 11's mission, minute by minute, with a mix of audio recordings, text, photos and videos." You can listen to a live audio feed of the chatter between the astronauts and mission control, as it happened, exactly 40 years ago today.