12/08/2006 02:57 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

New: Presidential Approval Charts

Yes, it has been a full month since Election Day, so this news is probably a bit overdue, but your team is now fully rested and recovered and beginning the process of updating the site for 2007 and beyond. Our first step is to add a set of regularly updating charts of the job approval rating of President George W. Bush that now reside in our Polls area.

The main chart plots the Bush approval percentage for every national poll conducted since 2005 (the gray dots), and includes a blue "local regression" trend line that provides the estimated overall approval rating for the President at each point in time. The title will always include the most recent estimate of Bush's approval rating. On the current chart (based on polls released through 11/21/2006 -- we should have an update later today based on three new surveys released this week).

Our new presidential job approval page also includes a chart for each of 19 pollsters that regularly release national surveys that include the Bush rating. The pollster specific charts also include a red trend line that connects the dots for the individual pollster. Keep in mind that the size of the don't know category is a big source of "house effect" variation among pollsters. Those that typically report a higher don't know percentage will also typically report a slightly lower approval rating.

Obvious omissions, for the moment, are the two national surveys conducted using the automated "interactive voice response" (IVR) methodology by Rasmussen Reports and SurveyUSA. Look for charts featuring those surveys, as well as more data on the "house effects" issue, in subsequent posts and updates.

We will be working in the New Year to introduce pages that track a wide variety of different poll results, so stay tuned...