04/04/2008 06:03 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

"Outliers" for April 4

Mark Penn meets with the Columbia's U.S. ambassador to discuss a free trade agreement then admits to an "error in judgement," drawing comment across the blogosphere.

Annette John-Hall (of the Philadelphia Inquirer) considers "those crazy polls" in Pennsylvania.

David Leonhardt sees evidence in the NY Times/CBS poll that Obama supporters are more optimistic about the future than Clinton supporters.

Frank Newport notes that Republicans oppose a federal government bailout to "to help prevent people from losing their homes because they can't pay their mortgage."

David Sirota plots Barack Obama's support in the primary states against the rank of each state's black population and sees evidence that "racism is a powerful force" in the Democratic contest.

[And Bob Somerby points out that the middle states in Sirota's chart held caucuses, not primaries (via comment by Pollster reader kingsbridge77)].

Brendan Nyhan finds problems with Sirota's graphs and puts forward nine more of his own (both items via TPM).

Michael McDonald (PDF) finds that a mail-only revote in Florida would "cause disproportionate problems with the delivery of mail ballots to African-Americans" (via John Sides).

PPP gets a call from "Barack Obama."