01/18/2007 11:42 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Sometimes Even A Blind Squirrel...

As a blogger, I sometimes get less than complimentary email. Based on one such charming message received
late last week, I present, with apologies to Hotline Last

A shot...

Subject: Your "poll" is a joke

Who are you polling? The bush
family. If you are, you aren't asking George W because that idiot would not
have a clue how to respond.

Maybe you are polling retarded people like yourself, or those in mental
institutions, like your inbred family, who can't respond on their own.

Charming email from a "reader," January 12, 2007

And a chaser...

If you were to take it and put me
in an opinion poll and said do I approve of Iraq,
I'd be one of those that said, no, I don't approve of what's taking place in Iraq

-- President George W. Bush, The
News Hour with Jim Lehrer
, January 16, 2007

PS: Having just seen
a sneak peek, I can tell you that Professor Franklin has a great (and far more
serious) post coming later today on the impact of the President's "surge" speech
on public opinion on Iraq. Stay