01/17/2007 11:39 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Speaker and the Votes that Elected Her

Today I have two possibly overlooked items to report, both related to the new Democratic House and both discovered via MyDD:

  • First, the latest CNN/ORC poll released last week included a job rating of new Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. As MyDD's Jonathan Singer notes, Pelosi's initial rating (51% approve, 22%) not only tops the current job rating of President George Bush, but it also exceeds the high mark for Republican Speaker Newt Gingrich (39% approve, 35% disapprove). He hit that mark on an identically worded question asked on a Gallup poll conducted in January 1995, just after the Republicans took control of the House.

On a differently worded question, Pelosi
received a 44% favorable rating from the USA Today Gallup Poll earlier this
month, which is 13 points higher than all-time-high for her predecessor, former
Republican Speaker Dennis

  • And speaking of the House of Representatives, MyDD diarist Adam T has gathered and tabulated all of the official and final vote count totals for all of the races for the U.S. House in 2006. In the 430 districts where votes were cast, Democratic candidates received 52.8% of the vote, Republicans received 44.9% and other candidates received 2.3%. As Adam notes, the totals do not include five districts in Florida where Democratic candidates faced no opposition - Florida does not put unopposed candidates on the ballot.

The 7.9 point margin favoring the
Democrats is about a point higher than the margin I estimated in a two-part
series of posts I did in November that looked at the performance of national surveys
in estimating the national "generic" House vote.