09/08/2009 04:00 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Tuesday Feels Like Monday 'Outliers'

The Washington Post shares word clouds showing one-word reactions to Obama and health care reform, Jennifer Agiesta blogs the details.

Gallup releases new "for/against" results on health reform; Greg Sargent notices a big undecided, Glen Thrush highlights two key constituencies not "fired up" (via Smith).   

Gary Langer remembers '94 and says a good speech alone "won't do it."

Peter Suderman reviews the challenges of health care polls (though I wish he would have used "message testing" instead of "push poll").

Steve Singiser sees no anti-Dem wave in recent special elections.

Nate Silver notes lower support for unions during recessions.

Tom Jensen finds little long term damage to George Allen in Virginia.

Andrew Gelman reacts to David Shor's 2008 election forecasting.

The Marist Poll tells us what they're all about, via video.

Doug Rivers' defense of opt-in Internet surveys draws quick reactions from Andrew Gelman and Mike Mokrzycki (more here).

Research Rants critiques the screening out of "straightiners" on internet polls.