08/11/2009 10:50 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Woodstock Flashback 'Outliers'

Rasmussen finds consumer confidence hitting a new high for 2009; ABC News measures a 3-month high.

Charles Blow explains that those who most want health care reform are the most apathetic.

Ed Kilgore asks if town hall meetings should matter.

Ezra Klein ponders the new Rasmussen health care results.

John Sides takes issue with David Kurtz on whether Obama has a health care mandate.

Tom Jensen thinks Obama may have a Colorado problem.

Steve Benen takes issue with CNN's presentation of its party favorable ratings.

Kos notes a decline in the GOP favorable rating among Latinos.  

Media Matters gathers polling showing support for a public option (via McJoan).

Tom Schaller sees a newly emerging Democratic majority in state legislatures.

The New York Times graphical wizards chart data from the American Time Use Survey (via FlowingData).

Research Rants wants online surveys to agree that blank=zero.

Former NPR polling guru Marcus Rosenbaum recounts his Woodstock experience.