07/12/2013 06:41 pm ET Updated Sep 11, 2013

Predicting the Winner of Big Brother 15

If I was a gambling man, and I am, I would be calling the winner of Big Brother 15 right now. But, as Julie always says: "expect the unexpected" so with new twists this season and a cast of characters as colorful as a box of crayons, one never knows who is going to surprise you down the line. However, after two weeks of watching the fifteenth installment of the show, I have some early predictions. See if you agree.

Aaryn - The likelihood of Aaryn winning this game is about the same as my being awarded a Pulitzer Prize for writing this article. Never in fifteen seasons of watching Big Brother have I witnessed a player so unanimously loathed as Aaryn. Her racist comments have turned most of her housemates against her inside of the house, while outside of the house; she has about as good of a chance winning MVP as Paula Deen does at winning humanitarian of the year. I wouldn't be surprised to see her go home next. Odds of winning: 1000 to 1

Amanda - Amanda plays a very smart social game -- I mean, she somehow managed to turn McCrae against his own alliance. If she keeps her head in the game while keeping her opinions to herself (whether or not she can do that remains to be seen) -- there is a very good chance that she could take this game. There is also a good chance that the house could view her alliance with McCrae and social game too strong and vote her out before she wins the half million. Odds of winning: 7 to 1.

Andy - Andy has been laying low and waffling between sides. If Rachel were in the house this season, she would be calling Andy out and telling him to grab a life vest. It's very hard to tell with little screen time what Andy's gameplay really is. I don't see him winning this season of Big Brother but I do see him at least making it to the jury house floating on the backs of others. Odds of winning: 20 to 1.

Candice - Candice proved this past week, when helping in orchestrate the eviction of Nick, that she was underestimated as far as her game play was concerned. While up on the block in Week One as a pawn, I think Candice could float under the radar for a few more weeks and really make her presence know later in the season. Of all of the players on Big Brother 15, I believe Candice is the most underestimated in the house. Odds of winning: 8 to 1.

Elissa - My personal favorite; mainly because I love an underdog. Elissa didn't stand a chance when she rolled into the Big Brother house mainly because it was quickly revealed that she was former Big Brother winner Rachel's sister. For that reason alone, everyone began hating her. Put up on the block two weeks in a row, and winning MVP two weeks in a row, Elissa has manipulated almost everyone in the game to get what she wants. She is a true game player and with her alley Helen winning HoH this week -- she's never been in a safer possession in the house. If Elissa can keep up her game play and manage to fly under the radar for a few weeks -- there is a good chance she could take this. Odds of winning: 3 to 1.

GinaMarie - This basket case will go sooner rather than later. She doesn't bring much to the table on a personality level and her game play is weak. I could see a stronger player dragging her along for a few weeks to benefit himself or herself, but at this point in the game, GinaMarie hasn't proven that she wants it or that she has much of a game to play. Odds of winning: 30 to 1.

Helen - Winning Head of Household this week definitely helped Helen's game play but it could turn out, especially since Candice and Elissa could have her do their dirty work this week -- that Helen is viewed as too strong of a social game player and ousted soon after her HoH reign comes to an end. She may come off too strong too early just like Nick did. Odds of winning: 15 to 1.

Howard - Howard is laying low and playing a great social game behind the scenes. Unlike Jeremy, who is constantly throwing the fact that he is a strong physical competitor in everyone's face ad nauseum, Howard is taking a backseat in physical challenges (for now). He is also the most liked guy in the house -- which will benefit him in the end. If Howard plays the game I believe he is playing and ramps up his physical game closer to the end of the season, I think he is going to win this game. Odds of winning: 2 to 1.

Jeremy - Jeremy has made his unwarranted hatred for Elissa known and anyone with two ears in the house knows how physically strong he thinks he is. But, his social game is off and Elissa seems to be gaining popularity in the house, which could affect Jeremy negatively. I don't see a way for him to win this game. If anything, I think his physical game will help him win veto competitions (I see him going up on the block many times before eviction) and keep his stay in the house longer (see: Frank last season) but he is just so darn unlikable. Odds of winning: 18 to 1.

Jessie - I think Jessie's purpose in this game is to help other's move forward. Unless she has some sort of amazing physical and mental game play going on that has yet to be seen, I see her making it to the jury house on the backs of others, but not winning this game. Odds of winning: 40 to 1.

Judd - Judd has kept a low profile and managed to stay out of the ill-fated Moving Company alliance, which could benefit him in the long run. I think he's a toss-up so unless shows some sort of game soon, he could be considered a floater -- along with Andy and evicted on the sheer fact that he's not playing the game with the rest of them. Odds of winning: 16 to 1.

Kaitlin - Kaitlin's alliance with Jeremy could be her downfall or, she could simply be using him to do her dirty work. It would not surprise me if Kaitlin eventually turned her back on her showmance relationship with Jeremy when it becomes clear that it won't work out in her favor because I think people in the house underestimate her game play. She has aligned with Aaryn (and that will come to an end the second she is evicted -- I am predicting this week) as well, but has managed to keep most of the bad blood off her hands. I see her staying in this game for some time. Not, winning, but at least making it to the Jury House. Odds of winning: 10 to 1.

McCrae - I think Amanda is going to play him for all he's worth. He was a strong competitor out of the gate -- but has proven that he is easily manipulated and can't keep a secret to save his life. Both will end up hurting him in the end. Odds of winning: 25 to 1.

Spencer - If the game continues as is, I see Elissa, Howard and Spencer making it to the final three. Spencer proved he is a master of manipulation last week in helping usher the ouster of his once ally Nick. I don't think Spencer has the physical power of Howard or the game play of Elissa, but I see him going very far in this game because he's very unsuspecting and people trust him, which will benefit him when he inevitably stabs them in the back. Odds of winning: 5 to 1.

Life is never predictable in the Big Brother house, so who knows who could win. Who do you think has the best chance of winning Big Brother 15?