08/11/2010 08:52 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Man's Pajamas Are Haunted

Haunted pajamas worn by their murdered owner

KAHOKA, Missouri - History professor Ira Lovitch is a collector of bizarre objects. His collection includes a lock of hair from a witch who was burned at the stake, an 18th century French guillotine, and a vampire bat preserved in formaldehyde. So when Lovitch was told that a pair of men's pajamas he found at a yard sale belonged to a man who was murdered in them, he purchased them immediately.

As it turned out, Lovitch got much more than he bargained for. "At night, the pajamas are surrounded by an eery glow with orbs, vortexes, and mists," stated Lovitch. "The shirt buttons button and unbutton by themselves. The pajamas will often run quickly around the room as though someone was chasing them. And I was awakened nightly to the sounds coming directly from the pajamas, of a man pleading, screaming, and then sobbing. I was pretty sure my pajamas were haunted, but wanted official confirmation."

Lovitch took the pajamas to an international team of parapsychologists and paranormal investigators. The team closely examined the pajamas over a two week period, using electromagnetic field meters, non-contact thermal scanners, temperature probes, motion-sensitive still cameras, night-vision equipment, and wireless video surveillance. The team came to the conclusion that the pajamas' phenomena existed halfway between a classic haunting and poltergeist activity. And the team concluded that because of the pajamas' original owner's sudden, unexpected death, the man's ghost was confused as to what happened to him, and so has chosen to "stay behind," in the pajamas he was wearing at the time of his murder, rather than "cross over" to the life beyond death.

"The team offered to buy them from me," reveals Lovitch, "but I'd never part with them. I keep them in a separate, sound-proof room now, where they can't disturb me. I like to show them off to my guests, though, especially to the women I'm dating. A lot of the women are really creeped out by them, but the ones who are intrigued - those are the ones I choose to keep dating. I find them absolutely haunting," Lovitch quips.