06/16/2010 06:51 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Prom King and Queen Seek U.N. Recognition for Their Own Country


WEIPPE, Idaho - When Gary Hawkins and Ann Samuels were crowned Weippe High School's Prom King and Queen last June, they reacted like most 17 year old students receiving that distinction - they graciously thanked their fellow students, posed for photos, and attended several celebratory parties. But as the school's best-looking and most popular romantic couple, apparently the honor went to their heads. According to fellow student Cory Baumgarten, "Soon after the prom, Gary and Ann started developing this holier-than-thou attitude, as though they were above us all - almost like they were royalty or something." Royalty, indeed. Three weeks after the prom, Hawkins and Samuels petitioned the United Nations to recognize the couple as rulers of their newly-formed country, Promvania!

"Naturally, we assumed it was simply a high school prank," revealed U.N. spokesperson Simon Leeson. "But they call every week, dead serious, to inquire about our progress on recognizing Promvania as a sovereign nation." Hawkins and Samuels refused requests for an interview, but instead referred this reporter to their Royal Press Secretary, Karen Jacobson. "I can assure you that this is no joke," stated Jacobson. His Royal Highness Gary and Her Royal Highness Ann have put up a website and are soliciting for additional subjects and funding. They have seized and declared dominion over 217 acres of land just outside Weippe and are currently interviewing architects for construction of their castle, and artists to design coats-of-arms, stamps, and currency."

Not everyone is taking the new country so seriously, though - especially Samuels' Uncle Arthur. "Come on, this is ridiculous. I'm getting several of our family members together to do an intervention. Maybe if we can convince Ann, she can make Gary see reason. If they had just listened to me and gotten involved in the bowling league, none of this would have happened." Unfortunately, the royal couple got wind of Arthur's plan, and, according to Jacobson, "Arthur will be the first one thrown into the Royal Dungeon. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a meeting at the Chinese Embassy."

In a related story, the owner of a Lancaster, Pennsylvania dog that did over $2500 of damage to a local pet store's displays, is claiming diplomatic immunity for the pet, due to the dog's being named Duke.