09/20/2008 05:12 am ET Updated 5 days ago

1st Poll Results -- What 5000+ Air Americans Think

5,535 of you responded to our First Air America Poll about the 2008 Election.

True, our poll might not represent a scientific sample but a) it is five times larger than the usual national poll sample and b) we do represent a growing progressive movement. And collectively, you all did reveal a lot about the nature of Air Americans.

There were surprises. When we asked who would be the Denver Keynote Speaker (before Mark Warner was chosen last week), one name elicited 2.5 times the response of anyone else on the list -- Senator Jim Webb. Seems that someone who can both fight and write has struck a big chord.

And it's Obama in '08 with 92% (told you we weren't entirely representative)...but it's Hillary slightly ahead of Gore in 2012 if The Big O doesn't make it this year.

Joe Biden has a lock on Secretary of State, say you, - if he's not on the ticket: Tim Kaine with 799 votes, Joe Biden with 777, and Bill Richardson with 707 are your top choices to be Obama's VEEP.

And for those who believe in The Wisdom of Crowds (that all of us are smarter than any of us), adding up the results predicts an Obama win with about 300 electoral votes and by (on average) 5 to 10 percentage points.

We'll announce next January that person who best predicted what would happen -- and then we'll hear from her/him on my program 7 Days in America.

Thanks so many of you for responding and for listening to...A VOICE we can believe in.

On to Denver.

2008 Election Poll Results Summary

Who will give the Democratic Convention Keynote Address?


Who do you think Barack Obama will choose as his running mate?


*Poll was taken before John Edwards publicly admitted to his affair.

If Obama wins the presidency, who will be Secretary of State?


If Obama should lose the presidency, who would be your preference as the Democratic nominee in 2012?


Who will you be voting for?


What will be the winner's total number of electoral votes?


By how many percentage points will the winner surpass the second place finisher?