05/24/2010 02:29 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Robert's Wish

Robert simply wishes for friends. To be around people. You can, of course, watch people pass him by again and again in the video. Even on a day as windy as this, the streets of Chicago are full of people. But, like most, they just keep walking, acting as if Robert were invisible.

He tried to find employment with the White Sox or Cubs. But, he'll take any job: a handyman, cutting grass -- he says, "anything that will help people."

He sleeps in an alley behind Dunkin' Donuts. His biggest worry? All the mice that share his sleeping space. Yet he still prefers his alley to sleeping on the floor of an overcrowding shelter.

Robert's smile is powerful. But if that can't hook you, wait until you hear what his last wish is: