03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

You Likely Wouldn't Identify Tami as Being Homeless

As Detroit is wrecked by recession and economic difficulty, a new face of homelessness is emerging. You likely wouldn't identify Tami as being homeless should you pass her on the street, but her story says otherwise.

Luckily, her experience in a homeless shelter has been an unlikely one as well.

She's a mother of six who passed from family to hotels to her car and finally into a shelter. The shelter was the type of situation you'd unfortunately expect: rough. Soon, she connected with a house manager at Solid Ground. And within two hours, her entire family was accepted.

Now, Tami, through a shelter that felt like home and provided a healthy diet, is once again employed. Even better, she can now see the possibility of returning to school and securing a future for her children.

Tami shows us just a glimpse of the possibilities and hope we can offer to homeless families if we take the issue seriously.

Tami from on Vimeo.