06/18/2010 03:42 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Robert Davi's Busy Summer

Robert Davi is a great actor and one of the classiest guys I know in Hollywood. If you don't remember him from Die Hard or The Goonies you'll definitely remember him from License To Kill, in which he played one of the most popular villains of the James Bond series. Recently Robert also made the jump to directing, helming his first feature film, The Dukes, which has won nine international awards and was released on DVD a couple of weeks back. Rolling Stone called it "a gem." It's a funny movie that gives new meaning to the term "fools gold."

So when I asked him to be in my next movie, Doonby, I was pleased that he agreed to do it. The only catch: he was smack in the middle of his new project and we weren't sure he'd be able to join me because he's also an accomplished singer who has been intensely studying with famed voice teacher Gary Catona for the last year and a half in preparation for a live show and an album of songs from The Great American Song Book and the days I needed him on set in Texas were exactly when the orchestra would be recording at the legendary Capitol Records in Hollywood, the same studio Frank Sinatra recorded in during his "Capitol Years," 1953 to 1961. But we found a way. Not wanting to cancel the studio and orchestra, and wanting to do my film, Robert graciously arranged to supervise the recording long distance via telephone with his composer/arranger Nic tenBroek and recording engineer Dan Wallin, and came with me to Texas to play the role of The Sheriff. I can't wait for you to see his performance in this mystery/thriller.

Robert's CD comes out later this year and he has distribution with a major label. I've listened to some of the demo tracks and I tell you he sounds just great and if you're a Sinatra fan, believe me you'll love it. Thankfully, though he's clearly inspired by Old Blue Eyes, it's not an impersonation-the kind of stuff they do in Vegas. So if you're anywhere near New York this summer, be sure to check out his live show: "DAVI SINGS SINATRA - A TRIBUTE TO SINATRA, THE GREAT AMERICAN SONGBOOK, AND AMERICA." It will be at Hofstra University with a thirty-piece orchestra, July 16, 17, and 18. Comedian Tom Dreesen, who opened for Frank Sinatra for 14 years, will reprise his role for Robert. Robert and Frank go way back: While still a kid in 1978, Robert did his first film with Frank who liked Robert and kept tabs on him down through the years.

Every time I think I'm busy, I think of Robert with his juggling of acting, music and directing careers. He's one of the good guys and I'm pleased to have him in Doonby.