06/13/2009 05:49 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Dustin Lance Black Nude Photos: Perez Hilton Crosses Line by Posting

Oscar-winner Dustin Lance Black's private photos of him having sex with an ex-boyfriend were posted on Perez Hilton.

Sadly, Black was photographed having unsafe sex and while that's obviously not smart -- it's Perez Hilton who once again has crossed the line and has shown that he is a complete hypocrite.

Why is it okay for Perez Hilton to post these pictures?

Here is his rationale:

We'll say it again, no matter WHO you are, do NOT take naked pictures of yourself or make a sex tape. It WILL get out there, even if you're not famous now and never think you will be. They will get out there and everyone at your work, in your team, in your dorm will find out.

Good advice -- but that doesn't mean you have to post them Perez! You are crossing the line. At what point did you think pressing the publish button was a good idea?

Plus, you do realize that kids read your site and the Black's mistake of having unprotected sex will lead many kids to believe that having unsafe sex is okay.

Not only does Perez show his complete lack of good judgment, he demonstrates the highest level of hypocrisy.

On the one hand, Perez is bashing the former Miss California Carrie Prejean for not supporting gay marriage. Meanwhile, he intentionally brings down a gay man who made a mistake in the privacy of his own home -- which will only make it harder for gays in this country to secure equal rights.

It's a sad day for Dustin Lance Black -- but I'm convinced he will quickly move past this embarrassment and continue his meaningful work for the gay community.

But, it's an even sadder day for Perez Hilton, who clearly has lost any sense of right versus wrong.

FYI: Here is Black's response to the unfortunate incident:

It is unfortunate that individuals and other outside parties are trying to profit from material which is clearly private," Black said in the statement released to E! Online. "I have had the privilege to speak to people across the country, both gay and straight, on a number of critical issues including safe sex. More important than the embarrassment of this incident is the misleading message these images send. I apologize and cannot emphasize enough the importance of responsible sexual practices.

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