12/31/2015 04:33 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

One Simple Thought for the Best Year Ever

voinSveta via Getty Images

"When you begin to live from your heart, you suddenly have an antidote to fear."
- Richard Rudd in The Gene Keys

Your purpose is simple. It's to create something that you -- and only you -- can create. As you think about a new year and perhaps consider setting resolutions once again, consider instead of resolutions asking yourself one simple question:

What am I creating?


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Because you came into this world through creation, in the answer to that question lies your divine-inspired purpose.

Your unique life.

Your unique beauty.

Your unique story.

There's something only you can create.

Create What Inspires You

Out of what inspires you, what can you create in your life... this year...this day?

If you're into setting SMART goals, go for it. Put it on your screen saver, write it on the ceiling above your bed, or set up calendar reminders to ping you every week to remind you. If SMART goals aren't for you, then try this. Just ask yourself every day, "What can I create today?"

Consider setting up a daily meditation practice and saying this daily affirmation to yourself at the beginning and end of your meditation (or creating one of your own): "I am living inspired, listening to my spirit, and using my gifts to create."

Living Inspired

When you're living inspired, you are living "in spirit". You are living in tune with what you came into this world with.

Inspiration is the air fills you like a hot-air balloon. It's a natural high that no drug could ever reach. It's the flow where your life's work pours out of you like water out of a natural spring.

Your Purpose Will Serve Others

From billionaire to pauper, I've never met anyone whose source of encouragement comes from material objects. Lust for money, power, fame can only get us so far.

True motivation comes from recognizing who you are serving.

Let's face it. We need encouragement to create. Creation takes a lot of coffee and late nights. "Good Job" star stickers may have pushed us to a new frontier as children, but they fall flat as adults. And that bonus you get after an annual review? That only works for a while.

Deep and meaningful encouragement -- the type of encouragement that pushes you to create something that matters -- comes from a simple "Thank you." Knowing that something you worked so hard to achieve in your life had a positive impact on another's life will take you further than any gold star or holiday bonus. And the funny thing? The more thanks you get for your work, and the more people you've served in your life, the easier those gold stars and bonuses come your way. They just don't matter as much anymore.


So, as you embark on your life on purpose, ask yourself this simple question: What am I creating? Answering that question will help steer you down your beautiful path on purpose.


Religious ideology set aside, somehow we came into this world. Somehow we came into the being we now call the self. Somehow, we were created.

Through nine months of magical creation and beyond, you grew into the beautiful creation of you.

Asking ourselves, "What am I creating?" simply brings us back to day one.