11/20/2013 08:52 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Sex Is All About Entelechy

Medioimages/Photodisc via Getty Images

Why do we do it? Sex, I mean. Once we have freed ourselves from idiotic biblical notions and the dictate of procreation, the question is: What is all that hugging and stroking good for, other than feeling good? Does it serve a purpose other than the satisfaction of bodily urges?

I believe that sex is an expression of creativity, and that creativity is our way to immortality. All these blowjobs are aimed at one thing: becoming immortal. Is that too great a leap? Let's go back a step.

The secret to understanding modern lives unencumbered with traditions is entelechy. I didn't invent that. Entelechy is a brilliant idea that old Aristotle came up with while watching young people around him. It was Goethe's favorite philosophy. Leibniz loved it too and turned it into the concept of monads.

In a nutshell, entelechy means having a goal, a purpose within ourselves. As living, breathing human beings, we are enough. We carry within us the seed of all that we'll ever become. Our purpose is to develop it -- and that's where being creative comes in.

Entelechy is also a movement to perfection, or the search for it. My life is beautifully concerned with becoming a better writer. I've always had it in me, and I love exploring this creative facet of my personality. At its best, it will earn me immortality.

The basest form of creativity is procreation. Having children also gives us some kind of immortality. Procreation is the easiest form of creativity and accessible to most.

On the other end of the scale is genius. Genius happens when the creativity is so strong and so well-developed that the creative output becomes more important than the creator. Think of Mozart and Shakespeare. Their lives and loves and whether or not they had children are irrelevant. They have reached the ultimate goal of human existence: immortality.

Humans have a right to immortality. Building a religious construct around the idea, derived from a legend, and promising immortality in exchange for good behavior, as most religions do, is simply cheating. All humans have the seed of immortality inside them. We don't need a god to develop it; we just need inspiration. In this sense, religion is exactly how not to reach immortality.

So back to sex, which is why you started reading in the first place. Jean Genet already said that each sex act brings us closer to immortality. I believe that he is right. We strive for beauty and happiness, and some of us seek it in sweaty congress. That's perfectly admissible in my philosophical universe.

Some people are born to be singers, writers, philosophers, or bakers. Others are born to have sex. They are so good at it and share so much of themselves with others that the perfection of that skill is their path to immortality.

Sex can easily be dismissed as just a fleeting fulfillment of desire, but shagging every dude on your dating app will indeed gain you a form of immortality: You are sharing yourself, your body, and hopefully your soul. You are passing on part of your creative spirit to the other person. Done right -- and by that I mean unselfishly, not just simply trying to fulfill your fetish needs -- sex can be a wonderful gift to another person.