09/19/2013 07:17 pm ET Updated Nov 19, 2013

There Are Only 3 Things to Do When You Don't Know What to Do

When you whistle a happy tune until your lips hurt and you still feel afraid, what do you do?

When you wait for the sun to come out tomorrow and tomorrow it rains for the sixth straight day, what do you do?

When you think of your favorite things until you run out of favorite things and you still feel sad, what do you do?

When you go singing in the rain like Gene Kelly and all you get is a cold, what do you do?

When you dream the impossible dream and it turns out to actually be impossible, or so you believe, what do you do?

When you can't keep it together with emotional duct tape, even the kind with pretty colors, or can't keep it moving with emotional WD-40 what DO you do?

Do you get upset and struggle against the mighty current in the river called life or do you relax and ride the horse in the direction it is going?

Here is a little story that helped me figure out this dilemma.

One day I was standing in a painfully slow-moving TSA line at the Denver International Airport, daydreaming about the trip I was about to take to Los Angeles. All of a sudden, it was my turn to fill several bins with my stuff: shoes, pocket contents, a bagggie full of 3-ounce bottles of beauty products, my computer, jacket, handbag and carry-on. You may know the drill.

I was fumbling with this task and saw the line backing up. That stressed me which caused me to fumble even more. I turned to the beautiful young woman behind me and said, "Oh, my God! I am turning into a goofy old lady!" She smiled at me and said, "Just go with it, have some fun." And so I did. I relaxed and went with it. I had some fun. She had my back.

I got to my gate with plenty of time, all my stuff and confidence intact. After her sage advise I chose to believe everyone behind me did too.

That's what we do when we don't know what to do.
1. Listen to the young ones. They are smarter than you think.
2. Breathe. Just go with it.
3. Relax. Have some fun.

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