05/09/2006 03:32 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Bush Gets Creative in the Agency Biz

A lot of my fellow liberal friends refuse to cut George Bush any slack. He is lampooned as a fool and half-wit. Someone who is not in touch with contemporary entertainment values. And a fierce opponent of everything we hold dear in Hollywood. Much of this is because he insists on going to bed at 8.30pm - missing many of the TV shows we cherish. And in movie terms he is perceived to be an aficionado of the "Ernest" canon of films. A little too left-field and perverse for most of us...

Now we liberals are going to have to eat humble pie.

I watched George Bush in the White House making his nomination of Michael Hayden to become head of CAA. That's right - I played back the tape. He clearly said "CAA" three times. Not "CIA." This is nothing to do with the CIA. A typical mistake by the MSM. This is the venerable CAA - Creative Artists Agency.

This is a masterstroke. Frankly I think CAA has been rudderless since the departure of Michael Ovitz in 1995. Yes he was arrogant, rude, domineering, ruthless and utterly without scruples. But isn't that what we WANT in an agent? There has been a lack of good intelligence at CAA in recent years - as evidenced by their consistent refusal to represent me.

Now at last we have a president who really gets it. With Michael Hayden at CAA - it just needs the President to nominate a new head of NBC (it's close enough to NSA to be mispronounced) and I'll be set.

Incidentally - for those who think this is a first - I would refer you to this documented exchange in the Rose Garden between the President and a journalist on Tuesday May 1st 2001 - the day that Louis Freeh resigned as Head of the FBI.

Journalist: "What do you think about Louis Freeh's resignation this morning"

President: "I'm a big admirer of Director Freeze..."

With Hayden at CAA and Director "Freeze" now a successful author - anything is possible for creative artists looking for a new agency...