07/10/2012 01:54 pm ET Updated Sep 09, 2012

Remaining Calm with Your Baby

As new parents, we all feel the joy when the baby arrives. However, we also feel the sleepless nights as a whole new way of life descends upon us. Many parents begin to feel pressure and find it hard to remain calm in the process. Sure, it can be scary at first, but soon after you will begin to get your footing and make the necessary adjustments for the new addition in your household. Keeping calm -- both you and your baby -- is step one. Here are some tips to help you and your baby remain calm, especially when you have no one to ask for help at a moment's notice.

Keeping Busy: Finding things to do while you are with your baby will stimulate your child as you get things accomplished. For example, vacuuming, cleaning or doing the laundry are things that will keep you both active together as the baby looks on.

Sleeping Baby: When your baby is asleep, you need to take advantage of that time. Parents are afraid to leave their baby alone for a few minutes, but don't be. Take a moment for yourself. A shower to begin your day can go a long way. You will feel awake and refreshed. Or answer emails, pay bills and make a sandwich. This is also a great time for you to prep dinner.

Crying Baby: Don't get worried if your baby is crying. More often than not, it's due to hunger or a dirty diaper. If not, walk with the baby into the next room to change the atmosphere, which can often change their mood.

When Nature Calls: Sometimes we're so busy as new parents we forget to even go to the bathroom. You can put your baby in a car seat (buckled in for safety) and leave her or him outside the bathroom door in your house so you can hear if there is a problem. Your baby will learn that you must go, too!

Reading Room: Reading together is a great way to keep you -- and your baby -- occupied. It can be calming and relieve boredom. Find a book with lots of pictures so you can leaf through and keep your baby's mind occupied.

Work Together: You and your spouse should create a schedule where one can alleviate the other to see friends, go to the gym, etc. A little alone time is still needed for everyone, no matter the circumstances.

Chart Your Course: We all can lose sight of our aspirations, especially with a new little one in the house. It's important to make a list of the things you would like to accomplish tomorrow, as this will help you to remain focused today.