10/07/2013 10:18 am ET Updated Dec 07, 2013

The Prince and the Car Seat: Ways That Dads Can Get Involved With Their Newborn

The footage seen around the world of Prince William putting his son, Royal Baby George, into the car seat as the royal couple left the hospital was typical of every new father and baby, whether they're royalty or not. In his first TV interview as a father, he said, "Driving your son and your wife away from the hospital was really important to me."

Prince William wanting to be involved with his young family made it obvious that he was ready to become a dad. He is showing the world and parents that no matter who you are or what your status is, it doesn't prevent you from being a stand-up parent. Even though he is a prince, he is willing to change a diaper! He is not coming from an ego-driven place, but the mindset of a normal man and a human prince with a heart. It is such a great role model for men across the globe.

Sometimes, dads want to play the role of father and help their wife, but don't know what to do. Often, after birth mom is so busy with the baby that she doesn't have time to express how he could lend a hand. Here are some ways that a dad can get involved after the birth of his new child.

Learn the Car Seat: Put the car seat in the car and practice adjusting the seat belt before the baby arrives. Use a teddy bear for fitting purposes. Always know where the lever is for the strap adjustment, so you can tighten or loosen easily. Also, check out Consumer Reports for the last evaluation of the best car seats on the market.

Assemble the Breast Pump: You can assemble the breast pump and have it set up on your wife's side of the bed. It's heavy, so it's a big help if you can take care of that for her.

Keep Things at Eye-Level: The items that are in the kitchen on higher shelves in cabinets that mom uses often should be put at a level that's convenient to reach. She may have stitches and they could tear if she has to reach high and stretch, so keep the important things at eye-level.

Load up on Supplies: Make sure she has lots of water for hydration and healthy snacks available for when you are at work. Load up on supplies in the kitchen so she doesn't have to travel to the basement and carry up heavy boxes or water bottles.

Take Walks: In the evening when you come home from work, take mom and the baby out for a walk to get some fresh air. A few moments outside will help if she has been inside all day with the baby and is experiencing cabin fever.

Hold the Baby: When you come home from work, make some time to hold the baby so your wife can enjoy a shower. Mom will feel safe and secure that daddy is holding the baby as she takes care of herself.

Send out Emails: During your lunch break, you can pay bills online and answer important emails so things don't pile up.

Spend Time with Your Children: If you have other children, take them outside in the evening so mom can have some full-on peace and quiet for a while.

Help Mom Rest: Your wife needs rest after giving birth. You can send photos of the baby to friends and family until mom is ready to connect with them again.

Log the Gift Givers: Log the names of gift-givers and write down descriptions of what the baby gifts are so when mom is up to sending out thank-you notes, everything is clear and organized.

Make Store Runs: On your way home pick up any grocery and pharmacy needs, so once you're at home you can relax with your family.