02/11/2013 02:32 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Climate Change This Week: BIG Blizzard, Massive Methane, and More!

What Do This Week's Big Blizzard and Hurricane Sandy Have in Common? Climate Change! reports Andrew Freedman at Climate Central. In both cases, increased moisture from warmer coastal ocean temperatures helped create torrential precipitation, while increased sea levels and storm power created destructive storm surges that caused flooding in areas. How many times does Nature have to repeat this lesson, folks, before we, and our government get it?

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****You Can Tell the Nightly News Shows to Connect the Dots Between Climate Change and Big Blizzard, here!

EPA Reveals Industry Emits Massive Methane Emissions, reports Tiffany Stecker at Climate Wire. And coal is still king, accounting for the biggest chunk, by far, of US carbon emissions. How far? Almost 10x more than then the next big emitters, petroleum and gas. Keeping plugging away, Sierra Club....

'I'll Pay You to Keep Your Forests,' Said Norway to Guyana, reports Ariel Schwartz at Fast Company. Preserving forests slows climate change. The 2009 deal appears to be working, with the mostly forested Guyana having one of the lowest deforestation rates worldwide. An idea worth spreading...


If it had been warm and dry, the giant redwood looming over this burning house could have lit up, changing the fates of all nearby houses, including my own. Credit: Mary Ellen Harte

Climate Change and Me, A Personal Note: The house directly downhill of us burned this past week; luckily, no one died. (THANK YOU, Berkeley Fire Department!!!) What does THAT have to do with climate change? Why, heck, with the drier, warmer seasons we've been having in California, OUR home might well have been toast if the fire had occurred then...

US Department of Agriculture: Climate Change Could Be Devastating, reports Chistopher Doering at USA Today. Warmer temperatures mean faster, less productive plant growth, while oveheating livestock reduces their productivity. Then add to that more wildfires, more crop pests, weeds, droughts... and that's not counting the nasty surprises that an insulted Mother Nature likes to add!

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You Can Do It, Barack - We Know You Can! Act on Climate, That Is, says a new report, notes Andrew Freedman at Climate Central. And the President doesn't have to rely on Congress. The Clean Air Act is one powerful tool that can be used to tighten carbon emissions, and other federal actions can increase energy efficiency. Alright, not enough, but it's a start...

*****What Does Clean Energy Mean for Your State? For that or any other states, you can click on the US map here (scroll down)!

Every day is Earth Day, folks, as I was reminded by this rainbow cicada that Kenneth Chapin generously shared with me. Making the U.S. a global clean energy leader will ensure a heck of a lot more jobs, and a clean, safe future. If you'd like to join the increasing numbers of people who want to TELL Congress that they will vote for clean energy candidates you can do so here. It's our way of letting Congress know there's a strong clean energy voting bloc out there. For more detailed summaries of the above and other climate change items, audio podcasts and texts are freely available.