04/08/2013 03:36 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Climate Change This Week: MegaMelt, Clean Energy Rockin', and More!

It's Melting, Melting: 1600 Years Worth of Andean Ice Melted in 25, says a new study, reports Justin Gillis at the New York Times. Researchers studying the largest tropical ice sheet found this out by dating ancient plants uncovered along the path of the retreating ice. And you thought dead salad had nothing to offer!

US Ranches Ride Into Climate Changing Sunset as a climate-change-enhanced drought continues to cut cattle in Texas and elsewhere in the US, reports Stephanie Strom at the New York Times... You see, honey, there used to be these things called hamburgers...

***** Climate Change Round The World *****

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Security risks of climate change prompt military review by over 100 countries
No Climate Change? Don't Bet on It, say British bookies
A glorious winter, but Alps face warmer world and huge changes

South East Asia food basket facing "shocking" future
Asian giants embracing more clean energy
Australia has no choice but to change with the climate

US dominated global disaster losses in 2012: Swiss Re
Texas is US Climate Change Poster Child
With US drought season off to a bad start, scientists forecast another bleak year

Africa: Climate challenges undermine a fragile Maasai culture
'Tsunami of rain' leaves at least 54 dead in Argentina


Poorest Countries Lead the Charge to Cut Carbon Emissions, declaring they will not wait for the bigger emitters to act first, reports Alex Kirby for Climate News Network. This move might speed UN action, since developed nations previously insisted that poorer nations agree to carbon cuts before they would. Okay, big boys, now it's your turn...

Breakthrough: Reliable Renewable Power Achieved Via Linking Them in a unified grid in Germany, reports Paul Brown at the Climate News Network. This refutes critics who insisted renewables would require fossil fuel backups to make them viable. Renewables are becoming sustainable - hallelujah!

OOO Seeking the Science OOO

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Climate change will double are burned in US wildfires by 2050
also: Feds project climate change will double wildfire risk
Fungi drives carbon uptake by boreal forests

Europe to be battered by Sandy-style superstorms
Biggest rain and snowstorms likely to get bigger study finds
also: Federal study: global warming means stronger extreme rains
In wake of Sandy, NOAA alters hurricane warning policy

Global warming means seas freeze more off Antarctica
OO As Arctic temps warm, Jet Stream slows, dips, creating extended extreme Weather in US
Clouds Helped Enhance Greenland's Record Melting

OO Global warming predictions prove accurate over past 15 years
Geoengineering schemes need global sign-off, researchers say
OO Public trusts scientists on climate change, says poll

OO Storing Renewable Energy In Hydrogen Could Help Stabilize Output, Researchers Find
Greenhouse gas emissions from farmland underestimated
Climate change making extreme events worse in Australia

Soils in newly forested areas store substantial carbon
Has the rate of sea level rise tripled since 2011?
Nature's thermometers say Spring is springing earlier by 3 days per decade


World Bank Commits to Addressing Climate Change, reports John Parnell at RTCC. A major mover in financing projects in developing nations, the bank wants to promote clean cities and end subsidies to fossil fuels worldwide. Way to go, WB!

☼☼☼☼☼ On the Bright side ☼☼☼☼☼


☼☼ More than 400 microgrid projects under development worldwide
also: Over 400 microgrid projects underway en route to $40 billion market
A record year for world wind power in 2012
Global solar PV installations to reach 200GW by 2015

India's off-grid renewables initiative changing lives
Countries in Asia cutting carbon faster than Europe
How Ontario is putting an end to coal-burning power plants

Colombia blazes a trail for smaller nations to fight global warming
UK fuel sales plummet as motorists embrace efficiency
German net power exports quadrupled in 2012
A "China Dream" - more efficient than the American one


Why The U.S. Military Is Pursuing Energy Efficiency, Renewables
US Air Force releases strategic energy plan
☼☼ Lured by savings and cash, many American schools are going solar

America's biggest utility power provider gets into the distributed-energy game
USDA offers funding for rural energy efficiency projects
Citigroup: renewables will triumph and natural gas will help

Northeast US states fight carbon emissions with renewables
Top ten wind states all have electric rates below national average
How Proctor & Gamble created $1 billion in value with waste
The drought is drying up all our ethanol - climate change nixes a bad idea


Texas to Double Wind Capacity, Deliver to Major Cities
New York State's competitive solar program off to a bright start
Maine Introduces Feed-in Tariff Legislation

Solar decathlon homes form microgrid village in Missouri
New bill could help Georgia reap solar energy cash crop
Nevada utility to shut out coal, embrace renewables
Lancaster, California becomes first US city to require solar


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