05/13/2013 11:45 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Climate Change This Week: Acid Arctic, Hot Mama Nature, and More!

By 2050, California & Southwest Could Have 100% Dry Years NASA Says, reports Climate Progress, according to a NASA analysis, which basically lays out the scenario of wet places getting wetter, and dry places drier. Imagine, no rain for an entire year or more, in California...gotta change this bad dream, folks!


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<<<< Climate Change Round the World >>>>

OO Drought Stalks Australia Again Only 3 Years After The Last Long One
- nah, this isn't just bad luck.

OO Climate Changes Could Bring Malaria Soon To The UK say leading health experts - quinine bitters, anyone?

OO Big Brother Arrives in Canada: Govt Muzzles Scientists - a sinister, Orwellian development.


OO Encroaching Sea Already A Threat In Caribbean from destructive practices and ferocious storm surges made worse by climate change say researchers

OO Cost of Carribean Inaction Will Be Huge - $10+ billion yearly by 2025

OO Greenland's Ice Loss May Slow, But Coasts Still At Risk


OO England's Coastline And Biodiversity Under Threat From Climate Change. Birds, bugs, butterflies, plants and some mammals are in free fall decline, say researchers

OO Amazon On Path To Lose 65% Of Biomass By 2060 - Study read: massive extinction of important species



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Arctic Is Getting Darker, Hotter and Acidic Fast say Arctic researchers, reports Julia Whitty at Mother Jones. The freshwater from melting ice helps the acidification as water takes up more carbon dioxide - expect big changes in the simple food chains of that oceans. Bye-bye Baby Beluga?


Arctic scape credit USGS at flickr via Mother Jones

A Buck in Time Saves 10 as EPA Regs Payoff Big Time says an OMB study, reports Jeff Spross at Climate Progress. How? By creating regulatory (ie, more) jobs that help prevent very costly pollution-related health problems. Talk about a win-win -- gimme those ole' time regulations!!


Credit Dennis Schroeder/NREL

Oregon Solar Power Now As Cheap As Dirty Power, says a new peer-reviewed study, reports author Chris Robertson at Climate Progress. About 20% of Oregon's power could come from 0.25% of Oregon's agricultural land, which could still be used for agricultural purposes, too. Let the sun shine on...

☼☼☼ On the Bright Side ☼☼☼


OO US Solar Loans Create 20,000 Jobs Ever More Cheaply

OO Tesla Motors Profits, Sells More Chargeable Vehicles In Q1 Than Any Other Automaker

OO Carbon Tax Has Very Broad, Bipartisan Support among US voters, oil companies, conservatives - just not Congress...


OO VP Biden Says 'You Should Be Attacking The Carbon Emissions, Period' - you tell 'em, Joe, including Big O!

OO Why Passing Rep. Peters' Bill Is A SUPER Strategy to Fight Climate Change

OO Even A Moderate Price For Carbon Pollution Has a Big Impact On U.S. Emissions as the US Energy Information Administration is happy to show you...


OO US Cities Begin Dirty Energy Divestment - first Seattle, now San Francisco and others are waking up...

OO Fight Over Fracking Continues As US Counties Begin To Ban Practice with one New Mexican county starting it off...

OO GE Sees US Wind-Turbine Installs Doubling Next Year After Lull


OO Cleaner, Cheaper Way To Make Steel Uses Electricity, Not Fossil Fueled Fire

OO With Tax Credit Secured For Now, Wind Industry Focuses On Long-Term Growth

OO First Chinese Automaker In US To Open California Plants and build up to 1,000 plug-in electric buses


OO Buffett's Midwest Utility Places Major New Bet On Wind Power

OO 150 Major Donors Urge Obama To Reject Keystone


The World

OO Australia: Carbon Price Working? Coal Slumps, Clean Energy Soars

OO Goodbye Nuclear Power: Germany's Renewable Energy Revolution

OO Indonesia To Keep Alive Forest Ban Resisted By Industry preserving an important global carbon storage system


OO Solar Power Taking Off In A Big Way Across Japan with a third of all prefectural governments planning or building mega-solar power plants

OO Brazil's Indigenous Harness The Wind without government help

OO China 'Moving To Lead On Climate Change' but much more is still needed says a report



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Mother Nature Dries, Then Lights Up California, explains a CA climatologist, reports Katie Valentine at Climate Progress. Unusually dry conditions have led to an unusually early start of big wildfires in southern CA. This is the stuff of climate change, and expect more of it... but when shall we stop feeding it?

***** US Climate Change News *****

OO Texas Groundwater Levels Suffer Sharp Drop, study finds.

OO In Parts of Plains, the Drought Goes Into Third Year.
One more panorama brought to you by Climate Change...

OO Valley Fever Hits Thousands in Parched US West, Including Baseball Players as warming climates and drought help spread this debilitating, sometimes lethal disease.


OO California Governor Blames Climate Change For State's Early Fire Season; expect more, he says, with climate change

OO Weather Whiplash Strikes Again: Extreme Drought To Flood In Georgia

OO In Parched Southwest, Anxious Wait for Summer Rains as reservoirs hit record lows


OO Jet Stream Eases Drought In Midwest, But Continues It In West - read: it's still there, whether there's rain or not.

OO Superstorm Sandy Set Off Seismometers - the power of climate change...


@@@ Climate Change at the Movies @@@


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OO NEW WEEKLY CLIMATE CHANGE VIDEO SERIES!! Entitled "In Case You Missed It" via the good folks at Climate Nexus on Vimeo - select headlines delivered in less than 90 seconds with good graphics. Cool watching -- spread the word!! Besides the current issue, check out the prototype test, and the first issue - all informative.

OO Will the Wet Get Wetter and the Dry Drier? watch NOAA explain it...

OO How the Wet Will Get Wetter and the Dry Drier watch NASA explain it...

OO BILL MAHER on Climate Change Denial an oldie but goldie - check out his other gems along the same line...

(((((((( Seeking the Science ))))))))

OO How Climate Change Is Messing With The Jetstream, creating a more meandering, slower-moving flow

OO 99 One-Liners Rebutting Denier Talking Points
-- With Links To The Full Climate Science - okay, maybe not a cribsheet for the bar, but great for web threads...

OO Ancient Arctic Was Warm, Wet, And Green - What That Says About The Future
and what it does not, since the planet warmed far more slowly, allowing life to adapt. That's not the trip we're taking now....


OO The Last Time C02 Was This High, Humans Didn't Exist Yeah, imagine 7 billion people coping with 100 foot higher sea levels and far warmer (think tropical diseases) weather. No wonder climate scientists worry about where we're headed now.

OO Painted Turtles Set To Become All-Female
with 1 °C in temperature, and, slated for extinction

OO Warmer Climate 'Threatens Cassava Crop a staple food crop for many tropical countries


☼☼☼Acting Like You Care: The XL Keystone pipeline will make possible far more climate change, but President Obama might okay it anyway. Credo, and others are asking people to stand up and be counted as nonviolent resisters or help in other ways. I did. If you ever wanted to do something big for your future, now's your chance - here.

To help you understand just what science does and does NOT do, check this out!

Every day is Earth Day, folks, as I was reminded by this yellow mariposa lily I photographed a few weeks ago. Making the U.S. a global clean energy leader will ensure a heck of a lot more jobs, and a clean, safe future. If you'd like to join the increasing numbers of people who want to TELL Congress that they will vote for clean energy candidates you can do so here. It's our way of letting Congress know there's a strong clean energy voting bloc out there. For more detailed summaries of the above and other climate change items, audio podcasts and texts are freely available.