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Climate Change This Week: Free Solar Energy, Syrian Climate Change, and More!

Climate Change Driven Drought a Driver of Syria Conflict says veteran foreign policy consultant William Polk in The Atlantic. Like the drought that motivated peasants in the French Revolution, the 6-year Syrian drought has sent failed farmers in futile search of gainful employment into cities, adding to the unrest fueling the current conflict. Continued global warming is predicted to increase the frequency, persistence and intensity of droughts - and resource wars - worldwide.


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Australia: Solar Companies Install Rooftop Panels for Free, report Ben Cubby and Peter Hannam at the Sydney Morning Herald. Once installed, the homes get the energy free and the companies get back their investment by harvesting any extra energy produced, with homes paying off the investment in a few years. As 2012 ended, nearly 1,000,000 rooftop solar installations were operating in Australia. Way to go, Mate! Why don't we do that here in the US?


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For US Forests, Megafire Recovery To Be Slow Or None say experts, reports Mark Grossi at the Fresno Bee. Human forest mismanagement and global warming have created megafires that will make recovery slow or impossible for forests, like the 300+ square miles of California forest recently burned. The intense fires kill normally fire-resistant trees. Flammable chaparral shrubs replace them, which fuel future climate-driven fires.


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Congressional Inaction Worsened CA Megafire say experts, reports Jonathan Kaminsky at Reuters. Controlled burns and forest thinning planned in the area of the Yosemite Rim Fire were not funded by Congress. The costly subsequent wildfire was fueled by the large fuel load remaining due to this failure. Another way that Congress manages to burn your taxpayer money!

'We Are Fighting For Survival,' Pacific Island Leaders Warn reports John Vidal at the Guardian. Pacific nations challenged world leaders recently to act on climate change, warning that their low-lying atolls are close to becoming uninhabitable because of rising seas and increasingly severe floods, droughts and storm surges. Island paradise lost?


Euakafa island,Tonga, credit Tau'olunga via wikimedia

Man-Made Climate Change Helped Set Stage For Wild 2012 Weather says a study of a dozen of 2012's wildest weather events, reports Seth Borenstein at the Associated Press. It found that man-made global warming increased the likelihood of about half of them, including Superstorm Sandy's devastating surge and shrinking Arctic sea ice.


Okay, I personally thickened the line to emphasize it, but you can make your very own global temperature graph here! You can use different reputable data sources and time frames, but it will show the same thing: the Earth is warming.

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☼☼☼ On the Bright Side ☼☼☼


OO New Car Engine Gains Fuel Mileage From Road Bumps

OO Energy Use Decline Due to Energy Efficiency Practices - from home insulation to more efficient appliances, despite proliferation of energy-sapping digital electronics.

OO Green Energy Storage Could Displace Gas Power Plants By 2050


Credit Phil Hollman via wikimedia

OO Virginia Utility Top Bidder For Offshore Wind Leases

OO Smart Meters Also Help Distribute Electricity

OO The 10 Cities That Are Leading The Way In Urban Sustainability


Copenhagen. Credit Freepenguin at wikimedia

OO Seeking Investments That Are Profitable And A Bit Green

OO A New Divestment Focus On Campus: Fossil Fuels

OO Mosaic, the Kickstarter of Crowdfunding Solar


Mosaic project, courtesy of Mosaic at

OO Climate Scientist Can Sue National Review For Defamation, Judge Rules

OO Sweden: Why Obama Calls It A Model For Energy Policy


Credit Tomas Castelazo via wikimedia

OO Latest Conservation Nudge: Tell People You're Watching Them - By simply sending a postcard informing households that they were in a study, researchers saw greater reductions in energy use in one month than the annual conservation goal of any state in the union.

OO Car-Sharing Gears Up In German Cities


OO New Program Brings Solar To 25,000 Ethiopians Currently Without Electricity

OO US, China Agree To Work On Phasing Out Hydrofluorocarbons


Smog in the Forbidden City, Beijing. Credit Brian Jeffrey Beggerly via wikimedia

OO China Boosts Renewable-Energy Surcharge

OO China's Smog Focuses Public Attention On Emissions

OO US, China Strike New Climate Agreement At G-20 Summit

OO Britain: 'Run, Don't Walk': The School That Gets Pupils To Generate Electricity via kinetic floor tiles that translate motion into energy.



The flag flies, May 21, 2013.

At Moore, OK, the day after a huge tornado demolished it. Credit Major Jon Quinlan/

***** US Climate Change News *****


OO US Secr. Of State Kerry: Climate Science 'Alarming', 'Irrefutable'

OO US Reactor Safety In Light Of Increasingly Costly Fukushima

OO What's Motivating Sport Fishermen To Become Climate Advocates? Declining habitat for their sport fish from global warming, as noted in a new report.


Wildfire in Bitterroot National Forest, 2000. Credit John McColgan via wikimedia

OO US Wildfires Pose A Major Threat To Our Clean Water

OO US and Europe May Face Off Over Reducing Airline Greenhouse Gas Emissions

OO Kansas: Just One Degree Of Warming Could Cut 20% Of Wheat Production


OO US Billionaire Businessman's Ad: Keystone Pipeline Is a Bad Deal - the US economy will pay, not profit from it.

☼☼☼Acting Like You Care: The XL Keystone pipeline will make possible far more climate change, but President Obama might okay it anyway. Credo, and others are asking people to stand up and be counted as nonviolent resisters or help in other ways. I did. If you ever wanted to do something big for your future, now's your chance - here.

OO As Rooftop Solar Rises, FearfulUS Utilities Striking Back

OO Carbon Storage Studies Grapple With Politics, Geology

OO An Untold Story: Western Ranchers' Epic Battle Against Coal


OO Kentucky Nuns Say They Have No Faith In Fracking - Anywhere

OO US Refiners Don't Care If Keystone Gets Built Because planned expansion of existing railroads and pipelines will do the job. Is anyone planning on stopping this?

OO Fracking Practices To Blame For Ohio Earthquakes


Tiger mosquitoes can carry Dengue Fever and are now being found in the US. Credit James Gathany

OO Dengue Fever Reported In Florida, Linked To Climate Change

OO EPA Fines Shell More Than $1 Million For Pollution In Alaska Arctic

OO Michigan: New Gas Development Boom Unlikely - Study

OO Labor Day 2050: Global Warming And The Coming Collapse Of Labor Productivity Enjoy your BBQ while you can...


A storm surge during Hurricane Sandy. Credit Master Sgt. Mark C. Olsen, US Airforce, NJ National Guard via wikimedia

OO NOAA: Sea Level Rise To Make Sandy Storm Surges Normal On East Coast

OO Risk of Sandy-Level Flood in NYC Has Doubled Since 1950

OO 20,000 Gallons Of Water Stolen From School In Drought-Plagued California County


Credit Myrabella at wikipedia

OO Massachussetts: As Waters Warm, 40 Oyster Beds Closed After Illness Outbreak

Gopping It Up

OO Colorado: Republicans Out Of Step With Voters On Climate Change

OO GOP House Budget Threatens International Climate and Clean Energy Investment

OO Greenwashing Hypocrite Of The Year: CEO Of Anti-Science ExxonMobil Bemoans State Of Science Education



Via the University of East Anglia Climate Change webpage

<<<< Climate Change Round the World >>>>


OO UN Chief Scientist Urges Action On Climate Change - 'We Have Five Minutes Before Midnight'

OO Wildfires To Increase Worldwide With Climate Change


OO US, China, G20 Countries Agree To Phase Down Potent Greenhouse Gas

OO Pacific Flights Fingered As A Big Climate Culprit - MIT Research from MIT found that trans-Pacific October flights create the highest amount of tropospheric ozone, a powerful global warming gas.


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OO Britain: Biofuel Project Funded By UK 'Leaves Africans Without Food'

OO Japan: Fukushima's Costly Radioactive Legacy Is Just Beginning


OO Rising Anxiety As Climate Change Dominates 44th Pacific Islands Forum

OO Most Island States Have Yet To Contemplate The Possibilities Of Relocation


American Samoa beach. Credit Acepharma via wikimedia

OO Canada: Company At Centre Of Iron Dumping Scandal Stands By Its Convictions

OO World Bank Pilots Climate Insurance

Fracking Follies

OO Britain: Lord Stern - 'Baseless Economics'- Fracking Boom Won't Make Gas Cheaper

OO Fossil Fuel-Backed Group Is Behind The Latest Climate Change Denier Campaign

OO Protests Against Chevron Highlight Argentine Energy Woes


Pashmina goats in the Himalayas. Credit Koshy Koshy via wikimedia

OO Pashmina Wool Withers On The Roof Of The World - buy your shawls cheap while you can!

OO With Climate Change, Brazil Faces Drop in Crops

OO As Reservoirs Shrink And Climate Changes, Chile's Agriculture At Risk


Deforestation of Indonesian peatlands, which store huge amounts of carbon, if preserved. Credit Rhett Butler at

OO Palm oil now biggest cause of deforestation in Indonesia

OO Poll pinpoints public's climate fears



Ten Global Warming Indicators. Credit NOAA


(((((((( Seeking the Science ))))))))


OO Study Reveals 'True' Material Cost of Development

OO Report: Climate Change Putting Fish At Risk

OO Scientists Call For Overhaul Of UN 'Blockbuster' Climate Reports - to focus more on policy.


Young asthma patient. Credit Jocelyn Angustino, FEMA photo library

OO What We're Seeing Now: Air Pollution And Climate Change

OO The Calm Before the Storm? Quiet August for Hurricanes - and there are reasons for it...

OO Report Ties Climate to 2012 Extreme Events, But Shows Hurdles


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