09/11/2014 03:17 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Duh Moment: Switch to Clean Energy ASAP

What's the rush on renewable clean energy? It's connect-the-dots time!

Here's my graphic line of connecting dots:


1. Almost all scientists (97%) and businesses agree: our fossil fuel pollution is warming the Earth, which is making our climate more extreme - hotter, colder, wetter, drier. Check out the latest IPCC reports. Insurance companies, major banks, and other major businesses agree.


2. Fossil fuel pollution is increasing yearly, damaging our economies by increasing health costs, crop and environmental damage, driving rising sealevels, and fueling further climate change with ever worsening catastrophic weather - think megadroughts, for example.


3. It will get worse -- much worse, because of ferocious feedbacks, such as:

The angle of sunlight, combined with reflection from white polar ice, helps keep the poles cold, and the planet cooler. (Image, NASA)

a. the albedo effect: darker waters replacing melting white ice (eg, Arctic ice cap, a large planetary heat shield) will absorb far more heat, feeding global heating;



The accelerating release of a very potent greenhouse gas, methane, from melting giant reserves in the tundra and undersea, has been called the methane bomb, because it could explosively increase global heating.

b. release of more greenhouse gases from gigantic reserves in the tundra, undersea methane deposits, and soils worldwide, as global heating warms them.



4. Renewable clean energy (especially solar and wind) is as cheap as fossil fueled energy in some US areas, getting cheaper, is spreading, and is becoming a mainstream power source for US consumers -- but not fast enough.

5. The US clean energy sector is the fastest growing economic and job sector of our economy.


6. Technology and financing mechanisms continue to make clean energy more affordable.

7. Energy storage technology now makes clean energy as reliable as fossil fuels - we can make a massive switch to clean energy now.


8. Delay has already cost the world trillions. Further delays will be costlier, as extreme weather costs skyrocket.



9. The major roadblock are political leaders who do not support clean energy.




a. Urge Congress to Support Clean Energy Victory Bonds Bill - contact your representatives.


b. VOTE FOR CLEAN ENERGY LEADERS this November and in all future elections - make clean energy a top voting priority, and urge friends and family to do the same.

c. Speak out: join the worldwide CLIMATE MARCH September 21, 2014 - within the US, in New York, and elsewhere. Go here to learn more.

Economic prosperity, good jobs, cheap energy, and health can replace pollution, environmental destruction, extreme weather, rising gas prices, and economic disasters if we divest from fossil fuels and switch to clean energy ASAP. It's like, DUH!


Check it out here, right now!