08/24/2012 03:03 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Harmonic Convergence: Social Media Meets TV with the Launch of Gravity Summit TV

According to recent research, TV viewers are now combining their TV viewing with conversations on their Social Media channels. Just take a look at Twitter when the Real Housewives of New York (#RHONY) or Turner Classic Movies (#TCMParty) are on. You'll see people sharing their impressions of the shows and interacting with each other during the viewings. Tweeting during the Real Housewives has become so popular that Bravo now offers a Social Media version of the show, displaying the tweets as captions at the bottom of the TV screen.   According to recent Nielsen research  "88 percent of tablet and 86 percent of smartphone owners use their device while watching TV."  Clearly, the time is right for social media and TV to converge.

Pictured: Gravity Summit TV Host, Beverly Macy.
 Enter co-founder and CEO of Gravity Summit,  Beverly Macy with an idea whose time has come: Gravity Summit TV.  The show is the natural extension of the popular Gravity Summit face to face events which have been held at UCLA, Stanford, and Harvard.  The premise of Gravity Summit TV is that  the face of media is changing and rapidly becoming more social, so why not bring the live event platform to the mass-market via a live streaming show on the Internet? Witness the recent Olympics where 150 million tweets were generated and 650,000 Instagram photos were posted with the hashtag #Olympics.  Clearly, social media is rapidly becoming one of the most effective tools for engaging with consumers in any marketer's toolkit.

"There is a void in business media about how social media is being used successfully and how it's changing enterprises across the globe.  This show will fill that need,"  notes Beverly Macy. Ms. Macy will be the host of the show, as well as co-producer, along with   Each show will feature an "In The Spotlight" segment highlighting social media news of the week, and a "Lifestyle" segment featuring social sports, social music, social entertainment or fashion.  There will also be interviews with social media practitioners sharing their success stories.   The first show  features Paul Meyers, of  M80, who handles Audi of North America's social media.   Audi has built an innovative social media presence by actively engaging with their Twitter followers and Facebook friends.  The story of Audi's successful #WantAnR8 Twitter campaign makes for interesting and educational viewing.  Using the hashtag, Audi found a way to engage with and identify their followers who wanted an Audi R8.

And what would  Social Media TV be without a little live tweeting?  The show is designed for viewers to interact directly with the show hosts and guests using with the Twitter hashtag #GravSumJustin Michael Williams, CEO of Sketchbook LA will be on hand to take viewer questions and host the "In The Spotlight" segment.   Look for show highlights to be shared on demand via at and on YouTube throughout the week.  #Staytuned.