Happy Fall!

Sit down and make a gratitude list -- what are you grateful for this year? There's always something to be grateful for and this gratitude practice is a great way to put closure on the first part of the year
09/20/2013 07:53 pm ET Updated Nov 20, 2013

Everyone I know has been complaining about how scattered they've been this week. Nobody can seem to focus on anything for more than five minutes. I've been two days behind all week. Not sure how that happened since I got all caught up last weekend, but that's just the kind of week I (and all of my friends) have been having. As a result, I missed one meeting yesterday and almost missed another this morning, very unusual for someone as organized and perfectionistic as I am!

Some people are blaming PMS, others the full moon we had on the 19th, and others the upcoming fall equinox. Me? I'm just surrendering to the flow of things and laughing at myself. And thanking the universe that my wonderful friends have been so patient and understanding with me this week, especially when I forgot to meet with them!

One thing I've learned this week is that sometimes you have to go with the flow. If things get done, great. If not, there's always tomorrow. Or maybe those things weren't important anyway. My unusually scattered mind has set me up for some great self-reflection opportunities.

And it's a perfect time for it -- between the full moon, the fall equinox and my upcoming 40th birthday, I've been grateful for the extra motivation to self-reflect. The symbolism behind the full moon is one of giving birth to what we've been working on so we can enter a time of self-reflection and closure as we approach the new moon. The fall equinox is a day of balance -- with equal dark and light, marking a time for the Northern hemisphere when the days will get shorter and the nights will get longer -- again symbolizing a time of self-reflection and closure. While the combination of these events may make it harder to focus, that inability to concentrate may allow our minds wander into uncharted territory, which is vital for personal growth.

The fall equinox (Mabon) actually marks the second harvest festival of the year. While the early crops were harvested in August, September harvests the bounty of the slower growing crops like winter squash, carrots and apples. This marks a perfect time to take stock of everything we've already harvested metaphorically this year and plan for the coming fall season.

Mabon also coincides with the sun entering the balanced sign of Libra on September 23. The hectic days of summer are over, the kids are back in school and you can finally breathe again! Now is a great time to seek balance in your life and make some time for a little self-care.

How might you work with the energies at this time of year? Here are some ideas:

  • Go outside -- notice the leaves. Are they changing colors yet? Are the temperatures getting cooler at night? How can you make more time each day to appreciate the changing seasons of your life?

  • Have a fall cleaning -- we all know about spring cleaning, but fall is a great time to donate to charity all of those summer items the kids outgrew or will outgrow by the time summer rolls around again. Put away your swimsuits and get out the gloves, hats and coats. The act of exchanging swimsuits for coats should help you solidify the change in season and intentions you have for the remainder of the year.
  • Sit down and make a gratitude list -- what are you grateful for this year? What has happened in your life that opened doors or your eyes? What are you celebrating right now? There's always something to be grateful for and this gratitude practice is a great way to put closure on the first part of the year.
  • I plan to celebrate fall (and my birthday) by taking the day off, getting a massage, spending some time outside in nature, doing a little painting, a whole lot of journaling and whatever else I feel called to do. How will you celebrate fall this year?

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