05/27/2014 12:23 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Bizarre New Anti-Gay Strategy: Trying to Win Cases They Can't Actually Win (VIDEO)

Something strange is happening at the National Organization for Marriage (NOM).

In both Oregon and Pennsylvania, NOM is showing signs of continuing attempts to overturn marriage equality. This is a clearly unwinnable strategy. In fact, it's mystifying why NOM is even expending resources on it.

The facts are plain: Marriage equality has won in Pennsylvania and Oregon. There's nothing that NOM can do about it now that judges in both states have issued final rulings, with no opportunity to appeal.

Nevertheless, NOM's attempt to intervene remains before a court in Oregon. And a desperate blog post indicates that they're exploring opportunities to intervene in Pennsylvania. They have virtually zero chance of either effort being successful.

But NOM's obstacles go deeper than that. Even if they were somehow miraculously granted permission to intervene (in case that have already been decided, and in which they have no standing), NOM does not have any compelling arguments to make. They could only show up in court, shrug their shoulders, and offer a few boilerplate claims about tradition that have been rejected by well over a dozen courts in the past year.

(Meanwhile, NOM has more material problems to worry about: The organization faces a fine of over $50,000 in Maine for ethics lapses.)

Anti-gay groups have been grasping at straws lately in a particularly desperate manner. In Kentucky, one anti-gay lawyer recently claimed that allowing gay couples to marry would stop straight couples from having babies. These are the death rattles of a movement that has outlived any chance of success, and its final futile gestures are simply sad.