03/11/2014 07:45 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

After Marriage Equality Win, State Leaders Take Opposite Sides on Appeal (VIDEO)

Things must be a little tense at the capitol building in Kentucky right now, where the governor and attorney general have staked out opposite positions on a marriage equality ruling.

One one side is Attorney General Jack Conway, who announced last week that he would not appeal a ruling that would require the state to recognize marriages of lesbian and gay couples performed elsewhere. On the other side is Gov. Steve Beshear, who will now have to hire an attorney to defend the state's existing ban on recognizing such marriages.

That could prove to be a risky move for Beshear, since new polling data shows support for marriage equality at its highest point yet. Nationally, support is at 59 percent in the latest poll, while opposition is at 34 percent.

Even though anti-gay groups claim that the inevitability of marriage equality is a "myth," they continue to sink lower and lower and lower in the polls. They haven't seen more than 50 percent of the population support their position in nearly half a decade.