03/24/2014 03:41 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Federal Judge Humiliates Anti-Gay Researcher (VIDEO)

Mark Regnerus raised headlines and eyebrows back in 2012 with a study that he claimed showed that gay parents are inferior to straight parents.

Of course, his methodology was quickly found to be flawed, and his financial backers were revealed to have intense anti-gay leanings.

But that hasn't stopped Regnerus from attempting to pass off his junk science as the real thing. Just a few weeks ago he testified in a Michigan marriage-equality case that straight parents are better than gay ones.

But last Friday the judge released his ruling, and it included a scathing rebuke of Regnerus' testimony. "Not worthy of serious consideration" is how the court referred to him, and it's likely that we've seen the last of Regnerus' career as an "expert" witness in marriage-equality cases.

He's not the only one trying to smear households led by gay and lesbian couples. In Oklahoma the anti-gay ADF filed a brief making many of the same claims. But this week the plaintiffs fired back with a brief of their own, dismantling the attack piece by piece. We'll have a hearing in that case in less than a month. And that's just the start of the new filings and dates in various marriage-equality cases this week.